Electronic Fuel Injection System Industry in China - Essay Example

The evolution of automotive electronic technologies and the growing strict requirements on vehicle’s environmental friendliness has conducted to the electronic control of fuel injection of automobiles in China. It is expected that, in the forthcoming years, Chinese automotive electronic injection industry will keep a steady growth rate of about 8%. Gasoline electronic injection field: In 2002, gasoline engines across China stopped the use of carburetor and entered he era of electronic injection.

Currently, this industry has developed into a market characteristic of mature product technologies and full competition, where such players enjoy large shares, as United Automotive Electronic Systems Co. ,LTD, Delphi (China), Busch, Engine Management System Co. ,LTD. And Mediumistic Electric Auto Parts (China). Gasoline Direct Injection (GUI) has been the hottest market segment In the gasoline electronic Injection field, and such type of engines has been Installed In many auto models under Benz, Shanghai Volkswagen, Shanghai and FEW Volkswagen.

In 2014, Chinese GUI market demand is estimated to hit roughly 4 million sets, and the figure in 2017 is anticipated to reach 6. 57 million sets, with an average growth rate of 18% or so during 2014-2017. View Complete Report @ http://www. China market research reports. COM/114899. HTML . Diesel electronic injection field: On January , 2015, China will enforce national emission standards and high- pressure common-rail will be the mainstream fuel injection technology.

As estimated, the Chinese market size of diesel high-pressure common rail system will reach . 8 billion in 2014, up 7% from a year earlier, of which the market scale of heavy high-pressure common rail system will attain to . 7 billion with a growth rate of as high as 27%. It Is expected that, till 2017 Chinese diesel high-pressure common rail system market size will be more than billion, of which the scale of heavy high-pressure common rail system will be up to over . 5 billion.

Chinese high- pressure common rail market, for the time being, is highly monopolized by a few giants, with the three Busch, and Delphi together holding a total market share of approximately 90% (of them, Busch sweeps above 50%). Therefore, as the key cooperative partner of Busch in China, High-tech will embrace bright development prospects in the future. Among local Chinese enterprises,the development of WIT Electronic Fuel System Co. , LTD. , Group Fuel Injection Equipment Research Institute (), Fuel Injection System Co.

LTD. , LONG BANG Enterprise Group, etc is ahead In a relative sense, but they still not have realized mass-production. For a certain period of time In the future, this field will still mainly depend on foreign technologies. Purchase a Copy of this Report @ http:// . . COM/contacts/purchase. PH? Name=114899 . Report highlights the followings: demand, import & export, etc. Status Quo and Forecast of China gasoline EFFIE system market size and structure, and supply relationship of key enterprises. China diesel

EFFIE system market size and structure, technology roadman, and the development of major enterprises.