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Electronic Mail, Internet and Privacy Policy - Essay Example

Close to half of employers track content, keystrokes, and time spent at the keyboard. And 12% monitor blobs to see what is being written about the company. Another 10% monitor social networking sites. Almost half of the companies use video monitoring to counter theft, violence and sabotage. Of those, only 7% state they use video surveillance to track video surveillance (78%) and performance-related video monitoring (89%). Research in the Indiana General Assembly provided three bills about workplace monitoring of an employee.

First is: Bill 1545, DIGEST OF HUB 1545 (Updated January 23, 2001 1:13 PM – Del 96) states: Synopsis: Electronic monitoring of employees. Requires employers to disclose to an employee or a prospective employee any type of electronic monitoring of employees. Limits the extent to which an employer may electronically monitor the employees of the employers. Permits the commissioner of labor to investigate alleged violations of electronic monitoring of employees. Permits the commissioner of labor to assess a civil penalty of up to $10,000 for a violation of electronic monitoring of employees.

Provides that an employee or prospective employee may bring a civil action against an employer to enforce a violation of electronic monitoring of employees. Provides that a court may award actual damages and court costs and reasonable attorney’s fees to the prevailing employee or prospective employee, and may enjoin further violation of electronic monitoring of employees. Effective: July 2001. Second Bill noted in the general Assembly is Senate Bill 0322 states DIGEST OF SUB 322 (updated January 20, 2012 1 1 am – Del 106) Citations Affected: 34-13.

Synopsis: Tort immunity for DOC employees and contractors. Provides for certain tort immunities pertaining to governmental entities and public employees for employees he department of correction (DOC) and contractors of DOC who provide: (1) monitoring services; or (2) sex offender treatment; for certain offenders. Provides that a governmental entity or government employee is not liable if a loss results from an injury to a person or property of an individual who is on parole. Effective: July 1, 2012. And finally listed is HOUSE BILL No. 1097 Citations Affected: ICC 22-8-1. . Synopsis: Injuries to or death of an employee. Provides that certain employers or their agents that cause: (1) serious bodily injury to an employee as a result of a reckless, knowing, or intentional violation of certain administrative rules commit a Class A misdemeanors; the death of an employee as a result of a reckless violation of certain administrative rules commit corporate manslaughter, a Class D felony; and (3) the death of an employee as a result of a knowing or intentional violation of certain administrative rules commit corporate manslaughter, a Class C felony.

Provides that an employer or agent of the employer who destroys or negligently or intentionally allows the destruction of a document concerning hazards to the public or the employees of the employer omits a Class B misdemeanors. Authorizes a private right of action for the failure to warn of certain conditions under the state occupational safety and health act. Makes conforming amendments. Effective: July 1, 2012. Currently at work there are polices about work place internet use. These policies orientation before work began.

Work internet use is for work purposes only. Work electronic mail is for work only. Personal is allowed personal calls for emergencies only. Cellular phones can be used at any time, if important, and on brake times. It seems strict ill you see someone abusing the policy like the man who works next to me. He is a social gamer I hear his game noises and I know he visits some porn sites. I once saw some inappropriate pictures on his computer. He never locks his computer when he leaves it.

He makes personal calls to his girlfriend and sometimes you can here him sleeping. Human Resources can and talked to him last week and he abided by the policies for a few months, but he is back to his old ways again. I suspect he will lose his Job. I heard of someone who opened an e-mail from someone she knew here at work and it notation a virus that opened our accounting files and all our customers on file were breached. Without surveillance camera in the parking lot, someone could fall to a violent crime even catch a thief.

It could be assumed that all my mail is checked, all my calls monitored and all my time at work accounted for. It would seem like a massive expense to pay someone to do this monitoring work. By policy assumed it is done, so the policies I learned are followed. I am there to do a Job, not play on the computer, chat with friends and surf the web. I do those things when I get home. Rivalry issues in the work place but it seem more prevalent with resent events shinning light on issues.

Social network groups fight for freedom on the internet and yet people use the internet to steal, cheat and abuse the freedom. I don’t know the answers to these problems, but I think company policies are good. These policies protect the company from viruses, thief, lawsuits and misuse of company time. These policies protect employees from suspicion of thief, misuse of time and safety. Today I see internet servers, social network company and internet game companies making leaps story our privacy by selling our internet history.