Electronic waste solutions - Essay Example

The increasing technological advances in humanity allows people to accomplish achievements that would previously be impossible. The ability to communicate with anyone, no matter where they are with something that can fly In your pocket Is an amazing technology that is continually improving. This constant improvement and don’t come without a downside though. With these electronic technologies becoming cheaper and more expendable it creates a situation where the disposal of these electronics. Electronic waste problems are not Just of where you dispose of It, but also how it effects the area around the dump site.

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Studies have shown that, “heavy metals pollution of , soil, and plants Is an issue of environmental concern, especially when e-waste Is 7). With electronic waste continuing to grow this pollution is only going to get worse and effect the land on which humanity and other species rely on. In order to try to help this situation many people attempt to fix the situation in different ways. The way people try to remedy the situation depends not Just on what they are able to do, but also on how they view the problem and the nature that is effected.

Someone that see nature through art would try to help differently than someone that sees nature through technology. Add Thesis Statement The way that a person that looks at nature through art would try to assist the problem of electronic waste would be less about solving the problem on a large scale, but to spread awareness by helping on a smaller scale. They are able to do this by creating art using electronic waste. “Many use recycled items, but often these works carry simplistic messages about consumer 1).

Not only are they able to keep some of the waste from going to the dumps by making It Into art, but the artwork also creates demonstration to people about electronic waste and bring awareness to the problem. Examples of this can be seen in sculptures made out of old cellophanes, computers, cassette film. This in turn allows others to see the damage that electronic waste does and have more people trying to improve the situation. Unlike people who see nature through art, people who understand nature through science are less inclined to spread the knowledge about the problem of electronic waste and more likely to try to define the problem.

By defining the problem In the basic of ways it in turn allows for a better way of dealing with electronic waste to be created. So instead of Just saying that electronic waste is polluting the area around it, the person would understand it as, “significant amounts of CD, R, , and I in water, soils, and plants in the e-waste dump sites and residence in and around” ( , 7). Now people know exactly what they are dealing with instead of Just having a vague Idea. Through this they can find methods of dealing with these specific problems or leave a road map for others to find a solution.

By viewing this problem through science you can also predict the effect that it has on the area that are not as easily seen. For example, “Consumption of the vegetables with elevated levels of heavy metals may cause related health disorders” (, 7). Looking all-out this problem scientifically would entail breaking it up into its base components Looking at the problem of electronic waste through technology would contain components from both looking at it through art and science. Like art technology can be used to gain awareness for this problem.

Instead of having to be there seeing the facts of chemical waste in person, the effects can be shown through technological advances like the internet and other means of communication. This would allow many more people to learn about this issue and become involved. An example of this can be seen in the magazine article, 5 Steps to Responsible E-waste Management at Your School by Caprice Lawless. By giving people a guide to help with this problem on the small scale for each school, the little differences will add up and make a big difference. But like science technology can also be used to create a solution to this problem.

Whether it is making current electronic devices a different way in order that they could be disposed easier, or creating a better way of disposing or reusing of current technologies in order that they don’t effect the environment around them as much. All of these different views effects how they try to help the situation in their own ways that reflect their perspective. Even if they are helping directly and Just making sure that the situation is known and it can get more support. Each view provides its own unique support that combined with the other views create a more effective system for solving the problem of electronic waste.