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Electrical engineering - Essay Example

On the other hand, these two Jobs have many differences which make comparing between them possible. First, electrical engineering technicians are specialists who were trained and educated to be able to deal with electricity and the wiring systems. However, solar energy technology is basically Radiation from the sun converted into electricity so, a solar energy technician might will help build and install active systems and passive systems.

Some solar energy technicians use mirrors to absorb the sun radiation and convert it to heat and then the mirror system will collect the heat and transfer Is to central boiler or steam turbine, which creates the electricity In the end. Second, to be an electrical engineering you need to finish a three ears program at college but to get accepted in that program grade twelve English and Grade twelve math with a minimum average of *65 are required.

But in order to become a solar energy technician you need to be an electrician (electrical engineering technician) to deal with wires and the actual electricity that comes from the panels or, a plumber to work with the hot water systems in the boilers or, a carpenter to build the actual panels and roofs. Third, there Is no actual maximum pay of how much electrical engineer technicians can make, the more experience the person has the more money they make, but Most Starting pay for an Electrical engineering technicians Is between $33,646 and $45,992.

Nevertheless, the majority of the solar energy technicians receive between $18 000 and $40 000 per year and depending on your location, type of position and education the salary changes. Finally, taking the electrical engineering technician/technology program will make you have the ability to choose between varieties of careers like being electrical engineering technician or a solar energy technician.