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Describe the structure (including the atomic structure) associated with a given Meta polymer, ceramic, composite and smart material Classify given engineering materials as either metals or non-metals according to the properties Describe mechanical, physical, thermal and electrical and magnetic properties and state one practical application of each property in an engineering context Explain how the properties and structure of different given engineering materials affect their behavior in given engineering applications I confirm that the work I ha submitted is my own Signed (Student): Assessor signature: Internal Moderator signature (if sampled): Course work Courtesy of BYTES in a Box Classifying engineering materials and investigating their properties In this assignment you will: find and present information about the internal structure of materials used in engineering classify materials as either metallic or non-metallic identify the properties of materials and understand how they influence the choice a a material for a particular purpose. Investigate the behavior of materials in service

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You are wearing the end of the first year of an engineering apprenticeship and have been moved into the design department of your company to gain further experience. Part of your new Job will involve assisting with the selection of materials when design proposals are being developed into final solutions suitable for prototype manufacture. You will be working with a senior designer and a manufacturing engineer. The chief designer wants to check out your knowledge of engineering materials by giving you a test. To prove what you know about engineering materials you should complete the following tasks. Task 1 [PL] Using diagrams to illustrate your answers describe the structure (including the atomic structure) of the following materials: plain carbon steel (0. 5% C), as used to make a body panel for a car high density polyethylene (), as used to make non-carbonated drinks containers silicon carbide, as used in ball type flow control valves carbon fiber reinforced polymer (CORP.), as used in the construction of aircraft piezoelectric, as used in the sensor which fires the air-bag in a car. Task 2 [] The following table contains the names of engineering materials. Classify each one as either a metal or a non-metal by using their properties as the criteria for selection. For each material state which properties most influenced you when coming to a decision. S formaldehyde Butyl Copper Diamond CARP Drumlin Porcelain crystal Task 3 [AS] The properties of materials can be classified as: mechanical physical thermal electrical magnetic. For each category, pick two specific properties, describe them and say why they are of interest to a design engineer.

From each category pick one specific property and state its application in an engineering context, I. E. As it relates to the choice of material for Plain carbon steel (mild steel) is widely used in the construction of ships hulls. It is easy to work with, low cost and has good structural integrity when ships are operating in normal water temperatures ( to ). Explain what happens to the material if a ship is operated for long periods of time in water temperatures that are at or near to freezing. Aluminum alloy (code 2024 age hardened, also called Drumlin) is widely used in the construction of passenger aircraft. Explain why this is and the reasons for putting a finite life on certain parts of the air-frame.

The Hope [email protected] push fit plumbing system uses fittings and pipe work manufactured from (AS). Making reference to its properties and structure explain why this material is an effective substitute for traditional copper and brass. Machinery such as farm equipment and packaging machines uses shear pins made from high carbon steel to prevent overload if something becomes Jammed. Explain the reasons for choosing this material. Titanium alloy (code —-) is widely used for aircraft engine components and chemical plant equipment. Explain why it performs well in conditions of high stress and high temperature. For each answer you must explain how the properties and structure of the material affect its performance.

Guidance notes You should put your evidence together as a small portfolio and include a bibliography if you have used reference material. Where diagrams are asked for, you an hand draw them or use cut and pasted digital images provided that they are annotated with your own words. Important: A problem shared is a problem halved: working together is often an excellent way to find solutions and retain knowledge. Find solutions, retain knowledge but write your own report separately. Reports that are similar have to be regarded as plagiarisms and will be disqualified from assessment – given back for redoing! Credit all sources of information and pictures used. You are encouraged to work in teams of up to four engineers. Good luck and have fun, Jim