Engineering Materials Week Interacti - Essay Example

Which of Zinc and Case will have the larger band gap energy En. Cite reason(s) for your choice. Zinc sulfide will have a larger band gap energy than cadmium serenade. Both are – compounds, and Zen and S are both higher vertically in the periodic table than CD and See. In moving from bottom to top up the periodic table, increases. 18. On the basis of Figure 18. 17, as DuPont level is increased would you expect the temperature at which a semiconductor becomes intrinsic to increase, to remain essentially the same, or to decrease? Why? As DuPont level is increased the point at which the intrinsic region becomes dominant moves horizontally to higher temperatures. 18. 8 Would you expect increasing temperature to influence the operation of p-n Junction rectifiers and transistors? Explain.

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If the temperature of a p- n Junction rectifier or a Junction transistor is raised high enough, the semiconductors materials will become intrinsic and the device will become inoperative. 18. 9 For solid lead () what kind(s) of popularization is (are) possible? Why? Electronic, ionic, and orientation popularization would be observed in lead . Electronic popularization occurs in all dielectric materials. The lead, titanium, and oxygen would be ionic in character.