Engineering RF Project Plan - Essay Example

The project aim consists of designing and manufacturing a Low pass filter. Over thirty weeks the project has to be completed which will consist of planning, designing, simulating, Implementing, testing and presenting. In this project time management skills have to be utilized. To complete a project it is vital to plan before hand, a forecast is required to have a rough understanding of the costs and the hours that will be calculated for the project. In the forecast the tasks are broken down and an estimated time and mount is calculated.

The tasks were broken down into seven and they were further broken down in order to complete the project. Work breakdown structure The work breakdown structure for my Filter Is In figure 2; this will help make clearer how the tasks are separated. The milestones are the main tasks and these are broken down In to weekly steps lower down the hierarchy chart. Chart The Chart in Figure 3 shows the project schedule from the start to finish date. The chart also shows the relationship between activities. Hours

Costs (/hour) Project Plan: Forecast cost Chart Design: Research Filter Sketch Filter Component choice Calculations Iteration 3. 5 2 Simulation: Learn software Create Filter Stability Comparing Testing 825 Procurement: Component costs Other costs Final costs Manufacturing: Assembly procedure Components Order Attach Solder Fabrication Final touches Testing: Test Filter Check errors Correct errors Test Record results 487. 50 Presentation: Plan Insert information Animate Practice Feedback.