Genetically engineered crops - Essay Example

The positive uses to this procedure is that it offers some good possibilities of cures for diseases and other material improvements to daily life. However, there are negativisms to genetic engineering. It is involved in food and it contributes to the contamination of genes in crops. Genetically engineered crops may replace and be harmful for natural plants. Having unwanted genetic mutations can lead to allergies in crops and can danger nutritional value while boosting foods taste and appearance. Genetic engineering can also be a pathogen for diseases and viruses.

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While increasing the immunity to diseases in plants, the resistance genes may get transferred to the harmful pathogens. Along with having a chance of causing diseases and viruses, it also may cause genetic defects. Another term for genetic engineering in this effect is called, gene therapy. In human beings this can have certain side effects, because while treating one defect it can lead to another. Genetic engineering may be a new innovative technology, but after doing all process of manipulating the natural order of life it is considered as altering something that is not originally created by man.

From a Christian perspective a biological topic that has many ethical issues is genetic engineering. This conflicts with the Christian beliefs for a few reasons. For starters there is a concern that genetic engineering will take on a role beyond what God has given his stewards of His creation. The Bible states that all things were created by God and for Him (Collisions 1 : 16). God designed living things to reproduce for certain “kinds” (Genesis 1:11-25). Contaminating the genetics could be tampering with God’s plan and creation.

It has been read and heard over and over from a general study and understanding of Scripture, that God has a plan for the process of life. Another confliction that Christians have with genetic engineering is that it comes across as defiance against God. Genesis 1 1 : 1-9 covers what happens when another creation out of Gods plan attempts to hold itself above the Creator. An example out of the bible, is from Genesis 11 . The people in the parable were unified, yet they were not obedient to God. As a result, God stopped their progress.

God retainer recognized that there were some dangers involved with the direction in which the people were headed. God gives a similar warning in Romans 1 : 18-32. There God describes individuals that Start to idealize the creation that they were brought to destruction. The fear in Christians may be that genetic engineering could cause similar utilization, which then can cause similar results. After talking with two anonymous people, one person (A) agreed with the Christian beliefs about genetic engineering and the other person (B) saw it as a positive advancement to this generation.

This person saw that genetic engineering would be good at enhancing food. Genetically engineering causes crops to have the capacity to grow on lands that are not suitable for cultivation. The manipulation of genes in crops is expected to improve their nutritional value as also their rate of growth. This technology can also better the taste of food. Since the population is growing this helps with growing and processing more to keep up with the growing population. Person B also that this can help create new foods.

Genetic engineering in food can be used to reduce totally new substances such as proteins and other food nutrients. They also so the positive look on its effects on human beings. This technology can modifying genotypes of human beings before birth. The process can be used to change certain traits in an individual. It can also take what a person may consider positive traits to suppress negative traits, so being a way to cure genetic diseases. Then lastly, person B saw genetic engineering as an exciting way to take DNA of individuals and take what desirable structure and functions chosen into the DNA.