Manufacturing systems engineering - Essay Example

Job description Manufacturing systems engineers work as part of a team to design, install, monitor and develop all systems affecting the manufacturing cycle of a product Manufacturing systems engineers work to integrate the entire manufacturing process. This ranges from production and supply right through to sales.

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The all Is to allow the maximum volume of high-quality product to be produced at the lowest cost and In the shortest time. 0 Manufacturing systems engineers use the latest computer technology and employ a systematic approach to finance, methods, materials and technology across traditional departmental boundaries.

Typical work activities 0 designing the layout of the plant using computer-aided design/manufacturing (CAD/CAM) software to build AD models; C] designing, developing and Installing plant control systems: liaising with designers, researchers and engineering consultants: 0 attending production meetings and forecasting production requirements: 0 calculating production costs that include equipment, time and labor; 0 deciding on the effective use of resources, e. G. Awe materials, equipment ND staff; 0 Producing maintenance schedules; testing that systems are working correctly and identifying, investigating and repairing any system faults; Discussing and evaluating systems failures with plant managers and non-technical personnel; 0 supervising the work of manufacturing engineers, trainee engineers and support staff