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Nuclear Radiological Engineering - Essay Example

Description Duties:research, develop, and work with technologies that create and harness nuclear power and that use radioactive materials for a variety of different purposes. They design nuclear power plants and the pieces of equipment (such as reactors) that are used to transform a nuclear reaction Into electrical energy. Other nuclear engineers work with nuclear fuels (such as uranium), developing and monitoring equipment that ensures that the fuels are produced, handled, used, and disposed of safely.

A number of nuclear angel tears are employed In the food production industry, developing equipment and processes that irradiate contaminant s in foods, leaving the foods themselves clean and safe to consume. Others work in the health care Industry, designing and building new, more advanced medical diagnostic equipment, such as x ray machines, or studying other medical uses for radiation, such as cancer treatments. Working Environment:Nuclear engineers work for power companies, large manufacture in and engineering firms, government agencies, and 2 year and 4 year colleges.

Most of their days are spent in their office or laboratory, interacting with a team of other engineers, scientists, technologists, and administrative personnel. Engineers who work closely with reactor fuels or other radioactive materials must take additional safety precautions. This means wearing more protective clothes and respirators, as well as devices that record the a mount of time the engineer Is supposed to radiation.

Most nuclear engineers work a regular 5 day, 40 hour workweek. Some overtime may be necessary at busier times of the year, or during emergencies. Specialized or ? : refer to duties Demand Likelihood: Employment of nuclear engineers Is projected to grow 9 percent from 201 2 to 2022, a bout as fast as the average for all occupations. Employment trends in power generation may be favorable because of the likely need to upgrade safety systems at power-plants. Where greatest need?