Free Sample: Ethical Standards paper example for writing essay

Ethical Standards - Essay Example

Ethical standards and integrity has become increasingly important for a company’s long-term success. Ethics is an individual’s moral Judgment about right and wrong. Emmanuel Kant believed that everyone could decide right and wrong based on the will behind the action. When trying to decipher if an action is moral or not, one should consider what the universal benefit would be if everyone behaved in such a cushion.

For instance, if everyone stole, it would result in chaos and violence. Frederica Engel’s and Karl Marx, however, didn’t believe in a universal code of ethics. They perceived that all ethics and philosophy are relative to the economic situations of each individual society. Each society would therefore create its own system of ethics that’s relative to their environment.

Free Sample: Ethical Standards paper example for writing essay

Ethical Standards - Essay Example

The purpose of this report Is to revise the ethical standards to resolve the Issue for the TM, a division of the Warner Pros. Company. Generally speaking, the field of psychology demands high levels of professional ethical standards to every business company. A code of ethical standards is a set of principles that Is necessary to control a company’s sense of purpose and employees’ activities. This code can be revised through employees’ contributions for a company to Include them In the process.

First, there are options for TM to consider for planning a revision, such as keeping the standards at a managerial level, choosing a workforce to perform the entire standards, or use a company-wide process to get an optimum contribution and involvement In the revision of the ethical standards. Second, TM should do a research on external laws, or rules and regulations that could Impact the company’s code of ethical standards and create a new code to avoid future problems.

Lastly, to Improve the level of communication with employees, each employee should be given a copy of the new code of ethical standards that would Include behaviors expected from them. This way, they would have a chance to consider Its compatibility with their personal ethics. Also, this Is to ensure that employees have expectations that thatch the company’s to avoid future problems with managing their behaviors. References Pack-Brown, S. P & Williams, C. B. (2003).

Ethics In a multicultural context. Sage Publications. Beach, L. R. (2007 The human element: Understanding and managing employee behavior. M. E. Sharpe. Ethical Standards By contravener The purpose of this report is to revise the ethical standards to resolve the issue company. A code of ethical standards is a set of principles that is necessary to revised through employees’ contributions for a company to include them in the involvement in the revision of the ethical standards.

Free Sample: Ethical standards paper example for writing essay

Ethical standards - Essay Example

How do you determine when and under what circumstances deceit is allowable? What is the criteria that must be met? It has been said that the end never justifies the means used to achieve it. Discuss examples In history where this principle was violated. What do you think went wrong? These questions will remain to be debated throughout the remainder of our lifetime because values within each Individual related to the research will have a different motivation for the research to take place. Here is how our team dealt with the discussion.

Question 1 discussion The discussion for assessing the risk to benefit started with the example of a mother asking anti-depressant medication during pregnancy and the risks of the healthy development in a fetus. All team members believe it was a personal choice to the individual making the decision. A team member expressed that the mother should look at each side, herself and the baby in this decision. One team member gave a personal example of weighing the risks and benefits of taking insulin when diagnosed with gestational diabetes.

She met with her doctor and diabetes specialist to obtain as much Information as she could. This team member felt that it should be left up to the mother to make the final decision. Another team member believed that If the risks were really high, It may not be worth It. The situation is the determining factor and what the Individual feels Is worth more, the risk or the benefit. Question 2 discussion One team member did not believe that deceit was acceptable in using human subjects for any study or experiments.

The individual involved in the experiment or study needs to be fully informed of the risks, benefits, and potential outcomes. Other am members stated that a certain amount of deceit was acceptable under certain circumstances: Control groups and placebos Client confidentiality Best interest of the client All team members agreed that under certain circumstances, such as new drug trials, client-counselor confidentiality, and outside influences, certain information may be withheld to protect the integrity of the study, the best interest of the client, and the client’s well-being.

Professional Judgment must be used when seeking a balance between the client’s desires and right to make an informed decision about treatment ND the potential therapeutic compromise resulting from over disclosure (Freeman, 2000). Question 4 discussion A well-known principle is “the end never Justifies the means used to achieve it. ” One of our discussions this week as a team involved times in history that violated this well-known principle.

The Civil War World War 2 The killing of Osama Bin Laden Two of the team members agreed that the Civil War violated this principle because, although many lives were lost, the end result was worth the means. There were many seasons that this war took place but one of the end results, which we felt made this war necessary, was to free people from slavery. One team member discussed America’s involvement in World War 2 as a violation of this principle.

The number of American soldiers lost in this war was terrible; over 400,000. However, the end result was stopping Hitler and what was going on in Germany and dealing with Japan, who attacked America and caused our involvement. The team member felt as though the end did Justify the means in this case. Another violation that was discussed was the ailing of Osama Bin Laden. There were many lives lost in the drive to find and kill Bin Laden; lives of civilians and soldiers.

Although this was a terrible loss, we felt as though it needed to be done to prevent Bin Laden from causing more terrorism in the world. Conclusion The team mostly held the same views on the discussion questions answered. There are times where risks outweigh the benefits and vice versa. There have been times throughout history where the principle of “the end never Justifies the means used to achieve it” was violated. The sacrifice of one to the benefit of all is sometimes necessary for success.