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Feasibility Study in System Analysis and Design - Essay Example

From the collage evaluating grading system as of teacher’s strategies they are manually operated to evaluate the grade of the student. Southern Mindanao Institute of Technology work flow as follows: (1) Manually evaluating grading system, (2) student need to ask about the enrollment system to the registrar In charge. It will have a reason to consider why I choose the “Online Grading System” as my research study this are: First 100% web based which is works entirely online through our School website.

This gives the flexibility for all staff it is user friendly that can inspired by the look and feel of a traditional grade system, he online grading system offers the advantages of instantly calculating final grades, and showing points, numbers, or percentage grades at the click of a button. Base on my research Southern Mindanao Institute of Technology is using a manual computation of grades of each student, which is the traditional use when technology is not yet developed. Manual computation is very prompt to risk for any circumstances.

It is time consuming in terms of recording grades, computation using of calculator. If some records are lost, they never retrieve it in case of unexpected calamity. Accuracy and security is not been so defined. STATEMENT OF THE PROBLEM College is one of the fastest growing institutions but we can’t deny that the manual Grading System is one of the top problems of a student, because the students need to evaluate first their grade Just to assure or to identify the subjects that they need to enroll specially the transferee, and the irregular student. Other student encounter: 1.

Time consuming If the subject teachers late to submit the student grade and the student need to evaluate their grade on time as they needed to enroll, it can make their task possible delivered a conflict schedule. 2. Process A slow process of evaluating and releasing student grade is not enough time to accomplish the requirement. The process of a manual grading system cannot decline wrong written. SCOPE AND LIMITATION Southern Mindanao Institute of Technology still operating a manual procedure to evaluate the student grade through our prospectus or other resources.

This proposed and objectives of online grading system will help to solve the following problems of the student by improving our presently manual grading system. It specifically aims to: Enhance our manual grading system, to comfort the evaluators wrought the strategy without having to form the line, it can also provide a quicker response for our grading evaluation. We can also advertise or to promote our grading system to introduce our school all over. The particular subject teachers is the only person who have the authorize to encode the student grade, in this system only the the student account.

CHAPTER II Methods and Procedures The following grading systems and procedures have been amended as per Policy. Our online grading system is composing of the student and their indictment and other activities presentation in the school. As a researcher showed you all the step by step process of a manual grading system and the advantages of a Automated online grading system. MANUAL GRADING SYSTEM Steps . Subject Teacher’s computing the student grade. Steps. Record the student grade in a final sheet.