10.5 Troubleshooting Name Resolution

Consider the following output for a dig command run on a Linux system.

; <<> DiG 82 <<>> westsimlll.com
;;res options;init recurs defnam dnsrch
;;got answer:
;;->>HEADER<<-opcode:QUERY, status: NOERROR, id:4 ;;flags: qr rd ra; QUERY:1 ANSWER:1, AUTHORITY:2, ADDITIONAL:0 ;;QUERY SECTION ;;westsimlll.com, type = A, class = IN ;;ANSWER SECTION: westsimlll.com 7h33m IN A ;;AUTHORITY SECTION: westsimlll.com. 7h33m IN NS dns1.deriatct111.com. westsimlll.com. 7h33m IN NS dns2.deriatct222.com. ;;Total query time: 78 sec ;;FROM: localhost.localdomain to SERVER:default -- ;;WHEN: Tue Feb 16 23:21:24 2005 ;;MSG SIZE sent: 30 rcvd:103 What is the IP address of the DNS server that performed this name resolution?
After installing a new DHCP server on the network, you need to verify that the network devices are receiving IP addresses via DHCP. You reboot a Windows XP client system and using the ipconfig command, receive the following information:
Ethernet adapter Local Area Connection 1:
Description: CardBus-II 10/100 PC Card
Physical Address : 02-00-4C-3F-50
DHCP Enabled : Yes
Auto configuration Enabled : Yes
Auto configuration IP Address :
Subnet :
Default Gateway:
DNS Servers:

Which of the following statements are true?

The client system is unable to reach the DHCP server.
The client system is configured to use DHCP.
You are troubleshooting a network connectivity issue on a UNIX system. You are able to connect to the remote system by using their IP address, but unable to connect using the hostname. You check the TCP/IP configuration, and note that a DNS server IP address is configured.
You decide to run some manual resolution queries to ensure that the communication between the UNIX system and the DNS server are working correctly. Which utilities can you use to do this?
Mary calls to tell you that she can’t to an intranet server called WebSrv1. From her computer, you ping the server’s IP address. The ping test is successful. Which tool would you use on her workstation next to troubleshoot the problem?
CorpServ is a small company with 14 client systems and a network printer. Because there are only a limited number of networked systems, you decide to use APIPA addressing for the network. With APIPA configured, all systems are able to communicate with each other but you are having trouble configuring Internet access.
What is the likely cause of the problem?
Private addresses cannot directly communicate to hosts outside the local subnet.
Consider the following output:
;; res option: init rescuers defnam dnsrch
;;got answer
;;->>HEADER;<<-opcode:QUERY, status; NOERROR, id:4 ;;flags: gr rd ra; QUERY:1, ANSWERS:1, AUTHORITY:2, ADDITIONAL:0 ;;QUERY SECTION: ;;westsimlll.com, type = A, class = IN ;;ANSWER SECTION; westsimlll.com. 7h33m IN A ;;AUTHORITY SECTION: westsimlll.com. 7h33m IN NS dns1.deriact111.com. westsimlll.com. 7h33m IN NS dns2.deriact222.com. ;;Total query time: 78 sec ;;FROM: localhost.localdomain to SERVER: default -- ;;WHEN: Tue Feb 6 23:21:24 2005 ;;MSG SIZE sent: 30 rcvd: 103 Which of the following utilities produced this output?
A user reports that he can’t browse to a specific Web site on the Internet.
From his computer, you find that a ping test to the Web server succeeds. A trace route test shows that 17 hops to the destination Web server.
What is the most likely cause of the problem?
Incorrect DNS server address.
You are implementing a DHCP server for your segment. Your segment’s IP address is Your default gateway address is Your DNS server address is Your default gateway is configured as a NAT router to translate addresses between network segments.
YOu configured the 03 Router option on your DHCP server so it can deliver the IP address of the default gateway to workstations. After configuring your workstations to get their IP address information dynamically, your users complain that they are unable to access web sites on the Internet.
How can you resolve this problem?
You must configure your DHCP server with an option that delivers the IP address of the DNS server (Option 06).
Examine the following output:
Server: helicuplar.xct.takro.net
Name: westsim.com

Which of the following utilities produced this output?