11.1.7 Practice Exam

If the SONET (OC-1) base data rate is 51.84 Mbps, how much data can the Optical Carrier level 12 (OC-12) transfer in one second?
622.08 Mb
To access the Internet through the PSTN, what kind of connectivity device must you use?
Which of the following are characteristics of ATM?(Select Two)
Uses fixed-length cells of 53-bytes
add labels to data units
Which four of the following are the responsibility of the WAN service provider?
Local loop
Which type of network divides data to be transmitted into small units and routes these units from the originating system to the destination system, allowing multiple, concurrent communications on the network medium?
Which of the following WAN technologies provides packet switching over high-quality digital lines that speeds up to 1.544 Mbps or greater?
Frame Relay
Which WAN connection types use digital communications over public telephones?
Which of the following is true of Multiprotocol Label Switching? (Elect two.)
It can carry ATM, SONET, and Ethernet traffic.
CEF is required for all MPLS-enable Cisco routers
What is the maximum data rate of an ISDN BRI line?
128 Kbps
Which three of the following are characteristics of ISDN?
It provides enough bandwidth to transmit data at much higher speeds than standard modems and analog lines
It is a dial-up service that uses existing copper wires for the local loop
It lets you transmit voice, video, and data over the same lines.
You have a series of WAN links that connects your site to multiple other sites. Each remote site is connected to your site using a dedicated link What type of connection is being used?
Which of the following devices is used on a WAN to convert synchronous serial signals into digital signals?