6.7 VPN’s

Which IPsec subprotocol provides data encryptions?
PPTP is quickly becoming obsolete because of what VPN protocol?
You have a group of salesmen who would like to access your private network through the Internet while they are traveling. You want to control access to the private network through a single server. Which solution should you implement?
VPN concentrator
Which VPN protocol typically employs IPsec as its data encryption mechanism?
Which of the following is NOT a VPN tunnel protocol?
A VPN is used primary for what purpose?
Support secured communications over an untrusted network.
Which is the best countermeasure for someone attempting to view your network traffic?
What is the primary use of tunneling?
Supporting private traffic through a public communication medium
Which statement best describes IPsec when used in tunnel mode?
The entire data packet, including headers is encapsulated.
In addition to Authentication Header (AH), IPsec is comprised of what other service?
Encapsulating Security Payload (ESP)