Advertising chapter 12

Benefits of digital interactive media over traditional media
cost of time and or space for ads is lesser
enable communication between content providers and consumers
the interactive nature of the internet has blurred the line between content creators and content consumers
theres a company called book mooch, readers can trade books with each other, chat the website provides book reviews and you can met the authors online. this is a great use of
social media
behavioral tracking
ability to track people behaviors on the internet
ad impression
click rate
ad impression
possible exposure of advertising message to one audience member
click rate
number of clocks on an advertisement divided by the number of ad requests
the two simple ways to measure the internet audience for advertisement banners are
ad impression and ad rate
single word that a user inputs int oa search engine to request informations similar in subject matter to that word
an anti itch cream has banner ad appearing every time a user types in the word itching, scratching hives or mosquito. this is a
search result page
account for almost half of all digital interactive ad. revenue
little billboards of various sizes that appear when a visitor lands on particular website
when you access a website and see am ini billboard spread across top advertising ford focus
banner ad
the most common form for mobile advertising is
banner advertising
corporate website
gives background info primary organization (About company)
commerce site
primary sells products or service (about product)