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windows pe
tool that provides an environment in which you can use cmd line tools to work with drivers, disks, and network resources…and for a variety of problems
use the connect to another computer cmd in the action menu within the event viewer
you want to view the logs shown in the event viewer on a remote computer..what should you do?
which console can be customized to include any snap on that u need organized in anyway
remote assistance
which troubleshooting tool enables you to connet to a ussers remote computer view and interact with the users screen and chat with the user?
tcp 3389
what port does remote assistant and desktop use?
remote desktop
which program enables you to connect to a remote computer including servers with no interaction required from the remote computer
remote assistance
which of the following requires an invitation
use winrs.exe
executes commands on a remote computer
windows boot manager and windows boot loader
which component displays the boot menu and loads the kernel?
bcd registry file
where is the boot menu configuration stored
last known good configuration
which of the following reverses all of the system configuration driver and registry changes you made since the computer last booted successfully
use the last known good config
you load a driver for your motherboard and now the system does not work properly…what should you do?
safe mode
what option starts the computer with a minimal set of generic drivers which are needed to run the system?
system configuration tool
enables you to easily enable or disable individual applications and services to be enabled during the startup sequence
windows ntblog.txt
when boot logging is enabled what is the name of the boot log and where is it located
windows re
what is similar to windows pe but also gives you a collection of recovery tools that can identify and repair many of the problems that can prevent the system from starting
windows network diagnostic
which of the following is NOT a recovery tool found on windows re?
what format supports virtual pcs that contain the entire content of a hard disk in a single portal file?
disk management console
what program do you use to create a n ew vhd in windows7
use bcd edit.exe
how do you add a vhd file to the boot menu?
Branch Cache
What new feature used with Windows 7 and Windows Server 2008 R2 enables networks with computers at remote a remote location to conserve bandwidth by storing frequently accessed files on local drives?
Distributed Cache mode
Which Branch-Cache mode enables each Windows 7 workstation on the branch office network to cache data from the content server on its local drive and then shares the cached data with other local workstations?
System Image Backup
What type of backup creates a separate backup of the computer’s system disk and reserve partition that Windows 7 creates on the disk during installation and saves to a VHD file on the backup device?
System Restore Point
Which of the following is a copy of various operating system configuration settings and registry information from a specific point in time?
Volume Shadow copy
What are duplicates of files that Windows creates as part of a restore point?
Denial of service
which type of attack describes jamming the wireless frequencies used by a transmitter
which technology is the most common to connect to a wireless network for a corporation that allows a data rate up to 54 mb/sec?
which wireless technology allows up to 600 mb/sec using mimo?
which wireless technology is considered a weak encryption?
which encryption is considered the most secure?
Which encryption protocol was the first widely used wireless encryption protocol that used a unique encryption for each packet?
Windows Mobility center
Which tool set is designed specifically for mobile PCs?
What protocol is used by network projectors to communicate?
Presentation Settings
What bundles together the configuration settings that userse most often use when giving a presentation into a single switch?
What technology is used to configure power settings using the graphical control panel?
which command is used to manage power?
Sync Center
What do you use to synchronize between your computer, offline drives, and mobile devices?
Windows Mobile Device Center
What replace ActiveSync to synchronize data files, email, appointments, and contact information with the mobile devices?
What technology enables users to protect specific files and folders, so that no one else can access them?
Store the encryption key on a usb flash drive
If you don’t have TPM, how else can you use BitLocker?
Data recovery agent
What user account has the ability to recover BItLocker drives for an entire organization?
Bit-locker to go
What technology is used to encrypt removable USB devices?
What technology uses the remote client to connect to a remote access server over the Internet?
which vpn protocol connects using ssl?
what does L2TP use to encrypt data?
VPN Reconnect
What feature is based on IKEv2 Mobility and Multi-homing protocol that reconnects to a VPN server automatically after an interruption?
network access protection
What component is used to ensure that all clients meet a minimum set of criteria such as up-to-date anti-virus protection and Windows updates?
direct access
___________ enables remote users to automatically connect to the computer network whenever they have Internet access.
what protocol does directaccess use to encrypt network communications?
Which of the following is NOT used during the authentication process?
Something the user believes in
Which of the following authentication methods does a password follow?
Something the user knows
Which of the following authentication methods does biometrics follow?
Something the user is.
What do you call the process that tries every combination of characters, numbers, or symbols until a password is guessed?
Brute force
Which of the following does NOT weaken the effectiveness of a password?
Random characters
What option is used to make sure a user does not reuse the same password when changing a password?
Enforce Password History
What option enables strong passwords on a Windows 7 system?
Password Must Meet Complexity Requirements
To configure password settings such as a minimum password age or a password must meet Complexity Requirements, you use __________.
Group policies
Which value defines the number of invalid logon attempts that trigger an account lockout?
Account Lockout Threshold
What tool is used to store and quickly retrieve the usernames and passwords for servers and Web sites that you have visited?
Credential Manager
What is a credit card-like device that contains a chip on which is stored a digital certificate that helps identify a particular user?
Smart card
What standard does Windows 7 include to support smart cards?
What is a used to encrypt files when using the Encrypting File System (EFS)?
Digital certificate
Which command enables you to execute a command as an administrator while logged in as a standard user?
Run as
To reset your password if you forget the administrator password for a computer running Windows 7, you should create a ____________.
Password reset disk
What are policies that define specific operating system functions?
User rights
What component in Windows 7 provides a centralized console that enables users and administrators to access, monitor, and configure the various Windows 7 security mechanism?
Action Center
A(n) _____________ is a software program that protects a computer by allowing certain types of network traffic in and out of the system while blocking others.
What type of application do users inadvertently download and run which can open a connection to a computer on the Internet, enabling an attacker on the outside to run programs or store data on the system?
Trojan horse
Which program would you use to configure your IPSec connections?
Windows Firewall with Advanced Security
Which of the following is a type of software that gathers information about computer users and transmits it back to the attacker?
What software component is used to protect against spyware?
Windows Defender
When Windows Defender is updated, it updates its ___________ so that it knows how to detect and deal with new spyware.
The ________________ is a feature of NTFS that encrypts the files on a computer so that even if an intruder can obtain a file, he is unable to read it.
Encrypting File System
What component can run a machine that is not part of the domain to control access to specific Internet sites?
Parental Control
Which of the following is the process of verifying the identity of the person operating the computer?
Which of the following is the process of granting an authenticated user a specific degree of access to specific computer or data resources?
Which of the following enables the user to manage, configure, or perform certain tasks on an object?
Which of the following is an entity that represents a collection of users or computers?
What is a collection of computers that are all peers?
What is a collection of computers that all utilize a central directory service for authentication and authorization and is usually associated with Active Directory?
Which of the following is a series of folders associated with a specific user account that contains personal documents and personal settings?
User profile
Which type of user profile is automatically created when a user logs on the computer for the first time and is stored on the computer’s local hard drive?
Local user profile
Which type of user profile is stored on a shared server drive, which makes it accessible from anywhere on the network?
Roaming user profile
Which type of user profile is stored on a network share but does not allow changes to be saved?
Mandatory user profile
What technology helps prevent software from making changes to your system without your knowledge?
When accessing an object, which of the following lists each user that can access the object and what each user can do with the object?
Which program or component includes User Accounts?
Control Panel
Which program is an MMC snap-in?
Local Users and Groups
Which tab would you use to configure a login script or a mapping to a home drive and folder when using the Local Users and Groups snap-in?
Which of the following do you have to create the same user account for on each computer that a user needs to access?
What is a collection of logical objects that represent various types of network resources such as computers, users, and groups?
Directory service
What is Microsoft’s directory service called?
Which account is designed for users that require only temporary access to the computer and is disabled by default?
What do you call it when you are loading an application, and you get a credential prompt that makes the rest of the screen dull and unclickable?
Secure desktop
Which of the following is used to download Windows updates using the network’s idle bandwidth?
__________ is a program that downloads updates from the Microsoft Update Web site, stores them for administrative evaluation, and deploys the updates when they are released by the administrators.
The best way to configure the WSUS clients is through ______________.
Group policies
______________________ is a set of extensions to the Windows Driver Model that provides an operating system interface through which instrumented components provide information and notification interface to managed resources in Windows and it is used to create scripts to configure performance parameters.
Logs are traditionally text files, but the Windows operating systems have long used a graphical application called ___________ to display the log information gathered by the operating system.
Event Viewer
Which of the following is NOT a traditional type of Windows Log?
You can use the ___________ console on one computer to connect to another computer and display its logs.
Event Viewer
What system rating quantifies capabilities of Windows 7 computer by breaking it down into categories and assigning each one a rating?
What tool can display information for hundreds of different statistics in a variety of ways so you can get a thorough picture of how well your system is performing?
Performance Monitor
To capture counter statistics in the Performance Monitor console for later review, you must create a(n) ________________.
What tool automatically tracks events that can have a negative effect on system stability and uses them to calculate a stability index?
Reliability Monitor
What program quickly shows the current processes and how much memory each process takes?
Task Manager
Which program displays a more comprehensive breakdown of process and performance statistics than the Task Manager does?
Resource Monitor
What program is used to configure and troubleshoot the Windows 7 startup process?
System Configuration tool
_________ is known as virtual memory in Windows 7.
Paging files
Which of the following is used to increase a computer’s memory capacity using nonvolatile memory in the form of a USB flash drive or a flash memory card?
What is a caching routine that enables Windows 7 to restore user access to applications faster than Windows XP?
ReadyBoost requires a computer with USB 2.0 interface and a ________ or larger flash drive.
256 MB
What service or program does WSUS require to operate?
A computer is considered to be working too hard if the processor utilization is consistently more than ______.
Which version of Internet Explorer comes with Windows 7?
IE 8
What of the following is included with Internet Explorer 8 that enables the browser to display older pages properly?
Compatibility View
Which add-on enables users to send text or other media that you select in an IE browser window to another application, such as an email client, or an Internet resource, such as a blog?
What of the following is based on a push technology used with Internet Explorer that notifies you when a Web site is changed?
Which of the following is used to help prevent attackers that penetrate the computer’s defense from accessing vital system components?
Protected mode
Which of the following configures Internet Explorer to only low-integrity disk locations, such as the Temporary Internet Files and the standard IE storage areas, including the History, Cookies, and Favorites folders?
Protected mode
You are visiting a Web site that worked fine when you were using Internet Explorer 6 on a Windows XP machine. However, you suspect that this Web site is not compatible with Internet Explorer 8’s protected mode. Which of the following should you NOT do when troubleshooting this problem?
Run Internet Explorer as a domain administrator.
Which of the following is NOT an available security zone found in Internet Explorer?
Custom Sites
Which security zone used in Internet Explorer provides the most elevated set of privileges?
Trusted Sites
Which security zone used in Internet Explorer is used for all Web sites that are not listed in the other three zones?
Which security zone used in Internet Explorer and usually used by local Web sites does not run in protected mode and has significant access to the system, including the ability to run certain scripts?
Local Intranet
What technology is used with IE 8 to help defend against phishing?
SmartScreen Filtering
What feature found in Internet Explorer 8 enables you to surf the Internet without leaving any record of your activities?
InPrivate Filtering
You open Internet Options in Internet Explorer 8.0. Which tab do you use to enable or disable the pop-up blocker?
Which of the following is used in Internet Explorer and is a text file that contains information about you and your web-surfing habits that a Web site maintains on your computer?
How do you know if you are using SSL while browsing with Internet Explorer?
You have a gold lock in the address bar.
When using SSL communications, the public key is stored in a _________.
Digital certificate
What program that comes with Windows 7 is a wizard-based solution that users or administrators can use to automatically configure an executable file to use an appropriate Windows 7 compatibility mechanism?
Program Compatibility Troubleshooter
When you open the properties of an executable file, which of the following is NOT a compatibility mode setting?
Run This Program in Black and White
You have a program that ran on your Windows XP machine that was running SP2. You try to install the program on Windows 7, but it does not run. What should you try first to overcome this problem?
Configure a Windows emulation mode.
For application incompatibilities that are not readily solvable with the Windows 7 compatibility mode settings, Microsoft has released the ________________________, a collection of programs that enables administrators to gather information about incompatibilities between specific applications and Windows 7 and create customized solutions that enable those applications to run
Application Compatibility Toolkit
A compatibility fix, formerly known as a _________, is a software component that sits between an application and the operating system.
What specialized program collects compatibility information for web pages and web-based applications?
Internet Explorer Compatibility Test Tool
If you have a program that ran in Windows XP but does not run in Windows 7, what should you load to run the program?
Windows XP Mode
Software Restriction policies and AppLocker are configured through __________.
Group policies
What are privileges granted to a specific system entity, such as users, groups, or computers, which enable them to perform a task or access a resource?
What is used to store permissions?
What do you call permissions that run downward through a hierarchy?
You copy several files from one folder to another folder within the same drive. What permissions do the files in the destination folder have?
The same permissions that the target folder has.
You copy several files from one folder to another folder in a different drive. What permissions do the files in the destination folder have?
The same permissions that the target folder has.
You move several files from one folder to another folder within the same drive. What permissions do the files in the destination folder have?
The same permissions that the target folder has.
You copy several files from one folder to another folder in a different drive. What permissions do the files in the destination folder have?
The same permissions that they had in the source folder.
Which of the following statements are NOT true?
Allow permissions are cumulative.
B) Deny permissions override allow permissions.
C) Explicit permissions take precedence over inherited permissions.
D) Allow Full Control Takes precedence over all other permissions granted
Allow Full Control Takes precedence over all other permissions granted.
Which NTFS permission allows you to take ownership of a folder on an NTFS volume?
Full Control
Which NTFS permission allows you to navigate through restricted folders to reach other files and folders?
Read & Execute
Which of the sharing methods places all the shared folders in a single location?
Public folder sharing
Which type of sharing is new to Windows 7?
Homegroup sharing
By default, what type of access is given to all users who join a homegroup?
What virtualized folders enable users to access files from different locations as if they were all in the same place?
What do you need to do to activate Public folder sharing?
Enable Network Discovery and Public Folder Sharing in the Network and Sharing Center.
Enable Network Discovery and Public Folder Sharing in the Network and Sharing Center.
Add a dollar sign ($) to the share name.
Which of the following permissions is the minimum that allows you to add files to a Shared folder?
You have a PC named PC1. You have a c:Data folder that is shared as Data. You log on directly to PC1 and access the c:Data folder using Windows Explorer. Which permissions apply?
NTFS permissions combined with Share Permissions as most restrictive
What do you call a device driver that converts the print jobs generated by applications into an appropriate string of commands for a specific print device?
Print driver
What do you call the set of commands that a printer understands in order to print content?
Printer control language
__________ are the rules or languages in which networking is possible.
Which layer of the OSI model covers the cabling and electrical signaling?
What is the primary protocol used by Windows to communicate over a network?
On which layer of the OSI model is IPv4 Addressing included?
What is used to specify which bits of an IPv4 address are used for the network identifier and which bits are used for the host identifier?
Subnet mask
In what class is the address of
Class A
What is the default subnet mask for
What is used to avoid assigning entire addresses of a particular class to networks that didn’t have that many hosts?
If you have an IPv4 address of with a subnet mask of, what is the CIDR notation?
What would a corporation use to allow private IPv4 addresses to communicate with the Internet?
What server automatically assigns IP addresses?
What type of address is the FCC0:0:0:0B5D:FF:BE3B:F4F7:3311?
Which type of address defines a single network interface in a computer or other device?
Which type of IPv6 address is unique throughout the IPv6 universe?
What type of address mechanism is a tunneling protocol that enables computers to transmit IPv6 packets through NAT routers that do not support IPv6?
TCP is considered a __________ protocol.
What do you call codes that identify specific applications running on the system?
What utility or tool allows you to view and manage all your network connections?
Network and Sharing Center
What is a software routine that acts as a virtual barrier between a computer and the network to which it is attached?
What command is used to test network connectivity between two hosts?
What is the default partition style used in Windows 7?
What is the largest disk that MBR supports?
2 TB
What is the maximum number of primary partitions that MBR supports?
What is the largest disk that GPT supports?
18 EB
What is the maximum number of primary partitions that GPT supports?
To support GPT, what computer architecture does your computer need to support?
Which type of disk uses primary partitions, extended partitions, and logical drives to organize data?
Basic disk
What type of disk supports an unlimited number of volumes?
Dynamic disk
What type of volume supports is based on RAID1?
Striped volume
What is the maximum number of volumes you can assign to a striped volume?
Which is the preferred file system used in Windows 7?
What is the main tool or utility that you use to manage your disk?
Disk Management
What is the quickest way to access the Disk Management console?
Use the Computer Management console.
Which of the following is NOT a basic requirement to extend a partition on a basic disk?
You can extend a striped volume if the volume has the same amount of free disk space available on the same number of striped disks.
You are starting to run out of free disk space on a drive. What tool can you use to free up some disk space?
Disk Cleanup
What tool can you use to defragment your volumes by recopying fragmented files to contiguous space on the disk?
Disk Defragmentation
What tool can you use to search for and fix disk errors?
Check Disk
What do you call a device driver that includes a digital signature that ensures that the device driver comes from the authentic publisher and that someone has not maliciously altered it?
Signed driver
What is the primary tool to mange devices and their drivers?
Device Manager
You just installed a new device driver for your scanner and now the scanner does not function at all. What should you do?
Roll back the driver.
Which of the following is NOT an objective when performing a large-scale Windows 7 deployment?
Standardizing the computing hardware environments
What do you call a template for a workstation configuration that contains all the software the workstation requires?
Reference computer
You are getting ready to deploy Windows 7 to multiple enterprise workstations. What do you use to hold the information captured from the reference computer?
Image file
What is the graphical utility that installers can use to create distribution shares and answer files that automate and customize Windows 7 installations?
Windows SIM
What is an XML script that provides the Windows 7 Setup program with the information it needs to perform an unattended installation?
Answer file
What is a command line tool that installers can use to capture, modify, and apply image files in the Windows Imaging format?
What is a command line tool that installers can use to mount, edit, and upgrade image files in the Windows Imaging format?
What is a command line program that installers can use to prepare Windows 7 computers for imaging, auditing, and deployment including preparing a reference computer?
What tool is a superset of Windows 7 AIK that enables you to perform lite-touch installation (LTI) and zero-touch installation (ZTI)?
Microsoft Deployment Toolkit 2010
What can be installed on Windows Server 2008 that enables installers to deploy Windows Imaging files to workstations over the network?
What parameter do you use with the sysprep command that configures Windows 7 to present the Windows Welcome interface the next time the computer starts?
You have a Windows image file for Windows 7. You need to add a device driver to the image file. What utility should you use?
To add drivers to an image using DISM.EXE, what file must you include?
.inf file
Which type of image contains all of the elements of a workstation configuration, including applications drivers, updates, and all configuration settings?
Thick images
Which type of image contains a basic install WIM image file?
Thin images
What command is used to partition and format a disk?
What technology enables a computer to transmit the same data to multiple destinations at the same time?
What is the file-based disk image format used to deploy its latest Windows operating system releases, Windows 7, and Windows Server 2008?
Which script is used to create the Windows PE build?
What option is used with the imageX.exe to capture an image from a reference computer?
What technology do you use to boot the server over the network to perform an installation over the network?
What is a customized boot image that you burn to disk that enables a workstation to boot Windows PE and connect to the WDS server?
Discover image
What software replaces the Package Manager that was available with the Windows AIK associated with Windows Vista?
What option do you use with the dism command to mount an image to a folder?
What basic network service is necessary to deploy an install image using WDS?
What replaced the MS-DOS boot disks for fixing and troubleshooting a wide range of boot problems on a Windows Vista or 7 system?
Windows PE
Which of the following is not a feature of Windows PE?
Boot a virtual DOS environment
Where would you find a copy of Windows PE?
Windows 7 AIK
Which of the following is NOT a new feature of Windows PE 3.0?
Windows PE allows direct modification of the BIOS.
Which of the following is NOT a use for Windows PE?
Providing quick file server capability
You have a third-party controller card for your drivers. How do you install the drivers during installation?
Click the Load Driver button when the Windows Installation program asks, “Where do you want to install Windows?”
A(n)_________ is a series of folders associated with a specific user that contains personal documents, user-specific registry settings, Internet favorites, and other personalized information.
User profile
You need to migrate user settings from one computer to a new computer with Windows 7. What type of migration is this?
Side-by-side migration
What graphical program allows you to transfer user profile data from one computer to another?
Windows Easy Transfer
What is a USB cable that can be used to connect two Windows computers together solely for the purpose of using the Windows Easy Transfer program?
Easy Transfer cable
Where do you find the Windows Easy Transfer program to use with your Windows 7 machine?
Microsoft’s Web site
Which program allows you to migrate user settings from one computer to a computer running Windows 7 using a command line interface?
Windows Easy Transfer
What does the User State Migration tool use to keep track of the migration process?
XML files
What program do you use to determine if your machine can be upgraded to Windows 7?
Upgrade Advisor
Which of the following is NOT a way to upgrade Windows 7 editions?
Run the Migration tool from another Windows 7 computer.
You have a computer with Windows XP, which is installed on the entire C drive. You now want to Install Windows 7 onto the computer and make it dual boot. What can you do?
Use a third-party tool to shrink the Windows XP partition.
If you install Windows 7 on a volume that has Windows XP, where do you find the old Windows files?
Windows.Old folder
What stops a user from using Windows PE as a permanent operating system?
It reboots after 72 hours
What is the default folder to which Windows is installed?
What folders hold the user profiles on a system with Windows 7?
What replaced the Quick Launch toolbar?
Pin to Taskbar
Where do you place gadgets in Windows 7?
Which feature enables you to minimize all windows except the one on which you want to focus?
Aero Shake
Which of the following is not a library that is included with Windows 7?
What Windows 7 feature replaces the Security Center found in Windows Vista?
Action Center
In Windows 7, what is designed to replace VB Script for scripting and performing actions
Which of the following editions is available as a volume license only?
Windows 7 Enterprise
Which of the following editions of Windows 7 can be added to an Active Directory domain?
Windows 7 Professional
Which of the following editions supports AppLocker?
Windows 7 Ultimate
Which edition of Windows 7 is designed for low-end mobile devices, usually sold through OEMs?
Windows 7 Starter
Which of the following is the minimum amount of memory for a 32-bit version of Windows 7?
1 GB
What is the minimum disk space to install the 64-bit version of Windows 7?
20 GB
What is the minimum processor to install the 32-bit or 64-bit versions of Windows 7?
800 MHz
What is the maximum amount of memory that Windows 7 Starter edition can use?
2 GB
What is the maximum amount of memory that the 32-bit version of Windows 7 Home Basic supports?
4 GB
What is the maximum amount of memory recognized by the 64-bit version of Windows 7 Enterprise and Ultimate editions?
192 GB
You need to upgrade Windows XP Professional to Windows 7 Professional while keeping user and application settings. How should you proceed?
Upgrade to Windows Vista followed by upgrading to Windows 7
Which component of Windows 7 allows you to enhance performance of the system by using USB flash drives or secure digital (SD) memory cards?
Ready Boost
Which keys are used to zoom out when the screen is magnified?
Windows + –