american gov

demographic factor
studies of a population based on age race sex
front loading
hold primaries early in the calender
Political ideology
consistent pattern of beliefs about political values and role of gov
a process of preparing the public to take a particular view of an event or a political actor
public opinion
citizens attitudes about political issues
political efficacy
belief that you can influence how your government acts
primary election
elections held to select a party’s candidate for general elections
power of media to influence how events and issues are interpreted
Wisconsin v. Yoder
amish community prosecuted for not sending children to school past the 8th grade
Gideon V. Wainwright
Defendants are entitled to a lawyer in any trial, even non-capital cases. Courts are required to provide a lawyer if the defendant cannot. The only way a defendant cannot have a counsel is if they knowingly waive their right.
lemon V. Kurthzman
the 1971 supreme court decision that established that aid to church-related schools must (1) have a secular legislative purpose; (2) have a primary effect that neither advances nor inhibits religion; and (3) not foster excessive government entanglement with religion.
schenck V. US
case involving limits on free speech
Engle V. Vitale.
prayer to be recited before school each day
Texas v. johnson
banning of the american flag
brandenburg V. Ohio
The law made illegal advocating “crime, sabotage, violence, or unlawful methods of terrorism as a means of accomplishing industrial or political reform,”
Mapp v ohio
established exclusionary rule illegally obtained evidence cannot be used in court
president of the us
Barack Obama
vp of the US
Joe Biden
speaker of the house
Paul Ryan
house majority leader
Kevin McCarthy
House minority leader
Nancy Polesi
Senate majority leader
Mitch McConell
Senate minority leader
Harry Reid
originate revenue bills
house of reps
poor, nasty and brutish
thomas hobbes
1st written constitution
bill of rights
stare decisis
let the decision stand
prior cases whose principles are used by judges as the bases for their decision
authority vested in a particular court to hear abd decide the issues in any particular case
legislative practice whereby agreements are made
Free rider
bennefits from other resources
both freedom of speech and freedom of religion can require
the first amendment
shays rebellion was significant because ity
convinced people that gov of confederation was dangerous
what are three core values in american political culture?
shared values, beliefs and attitudes
which of the following is the single biggest factor accounting for how people decide to vote?
party identification
what is the purpose of the tenth Amendment?
to limit the powers of the central government by establishing reserved powers for
states and individuals
who describes politics as who gets what, when and how
Harold Lasswell
the process by which Americans can learn political beliefs and values is called?
political socialization
the rule of four means
how the supreme court decides which cases it will hear
in a federal system a majority of governmental responsibilities are
shared by both state and federal authorites
When the House and Senate pass different versions of a bill, the differences are resolved by
A committee conference
the full faith and credit clause
Constitution ensures that States recognize the laws and, documents, and court proceedings of the other States.
which of the following is not a conventional political participation activity?
environmental policies
according to the text daily internet users who participate in society and politics through online activities are called
digital citizens
brief quotes and short characterizations of the days events in news coverage are called:
sound bites
speech that critizes the government to promote rebellion require
both freedom of speech and freedom of religion require
tolerance of ideas that we reject or find repugnant
which of the following is not protected by the first amendment
establishment clause
when are national elections held in the US
the first Tuesday of November every other year
primary election