American Government Chapter 10

Why does the news provide a refracted version of reality?
The news usually only covers current information that is interesting
The process by which journalist select particular aspects of situations and craft their stories around these aspects
Historically, the American press has shifted from….
Being tied to the nationals political party system to becoming an independent position
The yellow journalism of the late 19th century was characterized by
It was a new style that use every tactic to get readers
Yellow journalism contributed to public support for the
Spanish American war
Objective journalism is based on
Potentially unbalanced views on politics, etc.
Over the last century, which newspaper has had a lasting reputation of the country’s best newspaper?
New York Times
The federal government’s license thing of broadcasting is based primarily on
Because broadcasting frequencies were limited
Which television network, is typically considered the most partisan?
The reason the news product is designed to fascinate as well as informed is because
They need to attract an audience
On the scene coverage of a natural disaster is an example of the presses roll of
Signaling function
The meteor perform the signaling Roll by
Informing the public to important information soon as it happens
Agenda setting is an action that falls under which of the major roles by the
Media, in which the influence what is on people’s minds
In contrast with some European news media, the main television news networks in the newspaper in America are more likely to
Tree political leaders inA balanced way
Which of the following broadcast news sources has seen its audience goes it’s early 1990s?
NPR, national public radio
The news medias common carrier rule is based on the idea that
The media should inform the public about politicians opinions are the issues
Which institution receives the most news coverage from the national press?
The president
I want to gate scandal illustrates the
Ability of the press to quickly pounce on any side of public road doing
How has the Internet affected the watchdog role of the media?
It has enlarged the watchdog capacity
Scholarly research has shown that, overall, the traditional media
Is balanced
On the radio and television, the most successful partisan talkshows
Hard-core conservative
CNN and MS NBC have responded to Fox’s ratings success by
Hiring their own talk show hosts
Which region of the country overall has lowest connectivity to the Internet?
The south, like Arkansas, Mississippi, New Mexico, and Tennessee
Most successful Internet blogs
Have a liberal bias
The rise of the Internet as a news source has
Made it so that people only have to hear what they want to hear
Staunch conservative’s are most likely to pay regular attention to
Of all the time people spend on the Internet, they spend the least amount of time in which of the following?
News and current events
In terms of news consumption, since the 1980s young
Consume less news
What is the reason William Randolph Hearst and other resorted to yellow journalism?
It allowed them to attract viewers