Artificial Intelligence

Define human intelligence and artificial intelligence
human intelligence is about when humans BEHAVE intelligently, and there are sensible examples of CHARACTERISTICS for intelligent behaviour. This is a much more practical way to deal with intelligence than coming up with a clever definition.
AI is about systems behaving in a way that is similar to humans behaving intelligently in the same situation.
Describes aspects of intelligence
use language (spoken, written, verbal and non-verbal) for live or recorded communication with others

ability to learn knowledge and skills and remember them

ability to think logically and calculate

develop and use many strategies to overcome challenges to success

ability recall all kinds of appropriate knowledge quickly for a given situation

invent imaginative ways to express new ideas and enjoy the creativity of others

Explain the difficulties of determining an accurate and agreed definition of intelligence

Describe the change in emphasis from modeling the human brain to producing systems exhibiting ‘intelligent behaviour’

there are very many forms of intelligence, it is difficult to give an all inclusive definition that is of practical use

it is actually more helpful to think about what intelligent behaviour looks like or sounds like when observing people rather than thinking about what thoughts they are having or how the person’s thought “processes” work

it need not matter WHY a person is able to behave intelligently, so any AI system that can accurately match the human intelligent behaviour would also be intelligent (which is what Turing says)

Explain the inherent flaws of the Turing test as a method for determining the existence of artificial intelligence
turing test is limited to verbal communication, it does not deal with non-verbal ways of expressing intelligent behaviour