Artificial Intelligence – Exam 3

Artificial intelligence
the art and science of creating computer systems that simulate human thought and behavior
Conventional AI
Problem solving part of AI
Expert system (ES)
All of knowledge of humans in a particular subject – computer/digital based. Also used a lot with diagnostic systems
ex: all types of cancer put in an ES, used to diagnose patients
Computational intelligence
ex: Chess (human going through a computer – the more you play, the more you learn)
Neural Intelligence
Have no sense of what environment is about (don’t have learned memory to go around a table)
A ___ system is software that is knowledgeable in a particular field
Alan Turing
founder of modern day computer science
Turing test
test to try to determine if a machine is smarter than humans
Singularity (Ray Kurtswill)
point in time to where machines are better than humans and that this point will be a new time period
A feature of neural networks includes the ability to quickly ___ stored data when new information is identified
Autonomous vehicle – used for tasked that could be tedious or difficult for humans to complete
ex: R2D2
Computer vision
computer software enabled to react to visual input
Natural language processing
When the system is responding to your voice saying a command
Through ____, a computer can pick up movement in it’s environmen
visual input
Pattern recognition
area of AI that builds systems to recognize patterns in data (for authentication/verification
ex: data mining, facial recognition
Intelligent agent
assistance to people performing a specific task (avatar)
can search databases, interact with you, search for best prices/deals, coordinate meetings/schedules
Artificial creativity
A branch of AI that works with programs that allow machines to express themselves in art, music, poetry, etc
AI applications add knowledge and ____ to existing applications