System software is usually divided into two categories: operating system software and ____ programs.
____ was originally developed in the late 1960s at AT&T Bell Laboratories as an operating system for midrange servers.
Recycle Bin
To restore a file or folder deleted from your PC’s hard drive, open your PC’s ____ and restore the file to its original location.
Novell NetWare
The server operating system ____ controls access to network resources.
Red Hat
Some of the most widely known commercial versions of Linux are from ____ and Novell
____ is a rapidly growing alternative to Windows and Mac OS that is available free of charge over the Internet.
Search tools
____ are utility programs that search for documents and other files on a user’s hard drives.
toolbar buttons
With Windows Explorer, use the ____ to navigate through the disk and folder structure.
In DOS, the command ____ displays the names of files on a disk.
Creating a(n) ____ means making a duplicate copy of important files so that when a problem occurs, you can restore those files using the backup copy.
System software consists of the “____” programs that run a computer system and allow you to use your computer.
A ____ is an area in RAM or on the hard drive designated to hold input and output on their way in or out
Small programs called ____ are used to communicate with peripheral devices, such as monitors, printers, and scanners.
Windows XP
____ is the latest personal version of Windows and replaces both Windows 2000 and Windows Me.
DOS (Disk Operating System)
During the 1980s and early 1990s, ____ was the dominant operating system for microcomputers.
software suite
Related software programs are sometimes sold bundled together as a ____, such as a group of graphics programs, utility programs, or office-related software.
relational database
The most common type of database used on PCs today is a ____.
Adobe Illustrator
Some popular drawing programs include ____, Macromedia Freehand, and CorelDRAW.
bottom right corner
Some spreadsheet programs support a shortcut for quickly copying a cell to adjacent cells, such as dragging the ____ of the original cell in Microsoft Excel.
absolute cell referencing
Although labels and constant values will be copied exactly to the new location, the way formulas behave when they are copied depends on whether they use relative cell referencing or ____.
pressing the spacebar
Slides can be advanced at predetermined intervals or by clicking the mouse or ____.
Lotus WordPro
Among today’s best-selling word processing programs are Microsoft Word, Corel WordPerfect, and ____.
Project management software
____ is used to plan, schedule, track, and analyze the tasks involved in a project, such as the construction of a building or the schedule for preparing a large advertising campaign for a client.
public domain software
There are four basic categories of software: commercial software, shareware, freeware, and ____.
When typing text in a word processing program, you should only press ____ after a short line (like a title), at the end of a paragraph, and to leave a blank line between paragraphs
A ____ is a question, or, in database terms, a request for specific information from the database.
word wrap
Word processing programs use a feature called ____, which means the insertion point automatically moves to the beginning of the next line when the end of the screen line is reached.
Web-based software
While ____ is typically hosted on a provider’s PC, some is designed to be installed on a company server.
DVD authoring
____ refers to organizing the content to be transferred to DVD, such as importing video clips, creating the desired menu structure, and so forth.
When selecting font size in a document, ____ points equals one-inch-tall text.
serial transmission
With ____, data is sent one bit at a time, one after the other along a single path.
network interface card (NIC)
A network adapter, also called a ____ when it is in the form of an expansion card, is used to connect a PC to a network.
____ is typically used with LANs that have a bus or star topology and use twisted-pair or coaxial cables.
GPS receivers
A global positioning system (GPS) consists of ____ and a group of 24 Department of Defense GPS satellites.
online conferencing
In addition to audio and video, ____ typically includes other sharing options, such as a shared electronic whiteboard or workspace so that documents can be viewed by all participants.
____ transmission is relatively uncommon in computer communications since most devices that are usually one-directional, such as a printer, can still transmit error messages and other data back to the PC.
____ refers to the amount of data that can be transmitted over a communications medium at one time.
Coaxial cable
____, the medium pioneered by the cable television industry, was originally developed to carry high-speed, interference-free video transmissions.
30 million
There are an estimated ____ home networks worldwide.
In a home network, the host PC connected to the Internet should use an IP address of ____.
____ is the use of communications technology to provide medical information and services.
Networks can be identified by their ____.
IP addresses in the form ____ are reserved for private local area networks and cannot be used as Internet IP addresses
The ____ (above) allows individuals to “place shift” media from their home TVs and DVRs to their portable PCs or mobile devices.
ICANN (Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers)
____ is charged with such responsibilities as IP address allocation and domain name management.
The ____ is the most commonly used search type.
installation program
Most ISPs have a(n) ____ that walks new subscribers through the setup process.
chat room
A(n) ____ is an Internet service that allows multiple users to exchange real-time typed messages.
Direct Internet connections are typically ____ connections; that is, connections that allow more than one signal to be transferred over the transmission medium at one time.
Web-based training (WBT)
Both businesses and schools are utilizing ____ for employee training or course materials.
One advantage of a dial-up connection is ____.
One objective of the ____ project was to create a computer network that would allow researchers located in different places to communicate with each other.
Internet service providers (ISPs)
____ are businesses or other organizations that provide Internet access to others, typically for a fee.
Application service providers (ASPs)
____ are companies that manage and distribute software-based services to customers over the Internet.
In a nutshell, blogs are designed for primarily one-way running communications, while ____ are intended to be modified by others
online shopping
With ____, products can be purchased directly from large companies via their Web sites, as well as from a large number of small retailers.
lack of face-to-face contact
The ____ is cited as a disadvantage by some educators.
peer-to-peer (P2P) file sharing
One of the earliest widespread applications of ____—sharing resources directly between users via the Internet—was Napster, a P2P music sharing service in place several years ago.
type of device
The specific steps for setting up your PC to use your new Internet connection depend on the ____, the type of connection, and the ISP you have chosen to use.