Career Planning: Introduction to Résumé Writing

An electronic résumé is a plain-looking document.
A word-processed résumé designed to be visually appealing is a _______.
Print résumé
Hand written résumés are still used frequently.
After an employer has narrowed down résumés, they usually bring in 10 or fewer applicants to interview.
A résumé can be delivered through _____.
all of the above
In order to scan résumés, employers will use a scanner which looks like a compact copy machine.
Web résumés are posted to the Internet in HTML format.
Which document provides a brief summary of an applicant’s personal information, education, skills, work experience, activities, and interests?
Which of the following statements about electronic résumés is false?
Electronic résumés should be saved in HTML format.
Web résumés allow you to include extra graphics and images that you would not include in a traditional résumé.
The appearance of a résumé can change drastically after it has been scanned.