CGS 12.1

a group of 2 or more computers that are configured to share information and resources such as printers, files and databases
network administrators
personnel required to maintain networks
a computer that stores and shares resources on a network, work horses of the client/server network
a computer that requests those resources
users can be added without affecting performance of other networks
users are responsible for their own data backups and security
server automatically performs backups
local area networks (LAN)
small group of computers linked together over a small geographic area
wide area network (WAN)
comprise of large numbers of users over a wider physical area or separate LANS that are miles apart
metropolitan are network (PAN)
network used to connect wireless devices that are in close proximity to each other
a private network set up by an entity that is used exclusively by a group of individuals
an area on intranet that only certain corporations or individuals can access
virtual private network (VPN)
uses public internet communications infrastructure to build a secure private network among various locations
client/server network components
server, network topology, transmission media, NOS, network adapter, network navigation device
network topology
the layout and structure of the network
Network Operating System (NOS)
specialized software that is installed on servers and client computers and enables the network to function
Network navigation device
needed to move data signals around the network
dedicated server
server used for one specific function such as handling email
authentication server
keeps track of who is logging in to the computer and what features are available to them
file server
a server that stores and manages files for network users
print servers
manage all client requested printing jobs for all printers on a network
print queque
a software holding area for printing jobs
application software
acts as a repository for application software
database server
provides client computers with access to information in databases
email server
processes ingoing and outgoing email
communication server
handles all communications between networks
web server
used to host a website so its available through the internet
a set of rules for exchanging communication