CGS Chapter 4

A set of instructions that tells the computer what to do.
An instruction set that allows for us to interact with and use the computer, even if we lack specialized programming skills.
What are a computer’s 2 main types of software?
application software
system software
The software you use to do tasks at home, school, and work.
application software
Includes software that helps run the computer and coordinate instructions between application software and the computer’s hardware devices.
system software
What are the 2 types of software you can install on your computer?
proprietary (or commercial)
open source
Software you buy, such as the Microsoft Office applications.
proprietary software
Free software that is available with few licensing and copyright restrictions.
open source software
Using applications on smartphones and tablets to buy and sell products.
mobile commerce
Software in which the vendor hosts the software online and you access and use the software over the Internet without having to install it on your computer.
Software as a Service (SaaS)
Allow for the collaboration online with others, avoiding the coordination mess that often occurs then transferring documents via e-mail.
web-based applications
Software that includes programs that let you perform various tasks required at home, school, and business and includes word processing, spreadsheet, presentation, database, and personal information manager programs.
productivity software
Software for creating and editing documents.
word processing software
Site that provides reviews of the best software, websites, and web applications.
Software that lets you make calculations and perform numerical analyses.
spreadsheet software
The basic element in a spreadsheet programs; a grid consisting of columns and rows.
Newer feature in Excel; small charts that fit into a single cell and make it easy to show data trends.
Software to create a slideshow; ex: Microsoft Powerpoint.
presentation software
Powerful applications that let you store and organize data; ex: Oracle, MySQL, Microsoft Access.
database software
What is the most widely used PIM program?
Microsoft Outlook
Software to help you manage e-mail, contacts, calendars, and tasks in one place.
personal information (PIM) software
Walks you through the steps necessary to complete a complicated task.
A predesigned form; provide the basic structure for a particular kind of document, spreadsheet, database, or presentation.
A small program that groups a series of commands so that they will run as a single command.
Software that helps you manage your daily finances.
financial planning software
What are the 2 market leaders in financial planning software?
Quicken and Mint
Software that lets you prepare your state and federal taxes on your own instead of hiring a professional; ex: Intuit, TurboTax, and H&R Block at Home.
tax preparation software
When you purchase software, you’re really purchasing what? (Rather than purchasing the actual software.)
a license
Making more copies of the software than the license permits.
software piracy
Software that helps small business owners manage their finances more efficiently by providing tools for tracking accounts receivable and accounts payable.
accounting software
Software that helps businesses create newsletters, catalogs, annual reports, or other large, complicated publications.
desktop publishing (DTP) software
Software that allows even the novice to design interesting and interactive web pages without knowing any HTML code.
web authoring software
Software designed for a specific industry, such as property management software for real estate professionals.
vertical market software
Software used by engineers to create automated designs, technical drawings, and 3-D model visualizations.
computer-aided design (CAD)

Software that is available on demand via the Internet is called

-Software as a Service (SaaS).
-open source software.
-proprietary software.
-productivity software.

Software as a Service (SaaS).

Software that allows an individual to track financial transactions is called

-tax planning software
-small business accounting software
-checking software
-personal financial software

personal financial software

Which type of program takes advantage of automatic recalculation and what-if analysis?

-project management


Which of the following is true about open source software?

-The program can be freely distributed as long as the program code is not changed.
-The program code is subject to copyright protection.
-The program code is confidential.
-The program can be changed and freely distributed.

The program can be changed and freely distributed.

Which program can you use to take notes in class?

-all of the above

all of the above
Software that includes digital image-and-video-editing software, digital audio software, and other specialty software required to produce computer games, animations, and movies.
multimedia software
Software that includes tools for basic modifications to digital photos such as removing red-eye; modifying contrast, sharpness, and color casts; or removing scratches or rips from scanned images of old photos.
image-editing software
Software used to help refine your videos.
digital video-editing software
Refers to storing data, files, and applications on the web and being able to access and manipulate these files and applications from any Internet-connected device.
cloud computing
The side to cloud computing that we see as users.
front end
The side to cloud computing that consists of various data centers and server farms that house the files and programs you access “on the cloud.”
back end
Software that includes tools that make editing audio files as easy as editing text files.
audio-editing software
Allow you to experience or control the software as if it were an actual event.
simulation programs
Software in which many online courses are run by; ex: Blackboard, Moodle, Canvas.
course management software
Software that lets you create or edit 2-D line-based drawings.
drawing software (illustration software)
What is the preferred drawing software program of most graphic artists?
Adobe Illustrator
Copyrighted software that you can use for free.
An application that is still under development.
beta version
The last beta version.
gold version
An agreement between you, the user, and the software company.
software license (End User License Agreement (EULA))
The concept of redistributing modified open source software under the same terms as the original software.
Licenses that limit the number of users accessing the software at any given time.
concurrent licenses
Specify the minimum recommended standards for the operating system, processor, primary memory, and hard drive capacity.
system requirements
Type of installation that copies all the most commonly used files and programs from the distribution disc to your computer’s hard drive; often referred to as a typical installation.)
full installation
Type of installation where you can decide which features you want installed on your hard drive.
custom installation
Software on new computers, included by manufacturers, that you don’t want or need.

The minimum set of recommended standards for a program is known as the

-installation specs.
-setup guide.
-system requirements.
-operating system.

system requirements.

Which of the following statements about compressed audio files is FALSE?

-The sound is noticeably different on compressed audio files than on uncompressed audio files.
-Compressed audio files have a smaller file size than uncompressed audio files.
-WAV is a compressed audio file format.
-Downloaded songs are compressed audio files.

The sound is noticeably different on compressed audio files than on uncompressed audio files.

Which of the following is considered a benefit of using simulation programs?

-They allow users to experience potentially dangerous situations without risk.
-They help to prevent costly errors.
-They allow users to train on software that is not installed on their systems.
-All of the above

All of the above

Which of the following is NOT necessary to do before installing beta software?

-defragging the hard drive
-creating a restore point
-ensuring your virus protection software is updated
-backing up your system

defragging the hard drive

Which software is best to use if you want to change the looks of your digital pictures?

-image-editing program
-video-editing program
-media management software
-All of the above

image-editing program

Which software application would you use to calculate and manipulate numerical data?

-Microsoft Office Excel
-Apple iWork Numbers
-Apache OpenOffice Calc
-All of the above

All of the above

PowToon and HaikuDeck are alternatives to

-Adobe InDesign.
-Microsoft Word.
-Apple iWork Pages.
-Microsoft PowerPoint.

Microsoft PowerPoint.

Calendars, tasks, and e-mail will be found in which application?

-One Note


Which of the following describes copyleft?

-Terms restricting free use of software content
-Terms enabling redistributing open source software
-Terms enabling free use of software content
-Terms enabling redistributing proprietary software

Terms enabling redistributing open source software

What is often distributed prior to a final release of software?

-Open source release
-Beta version
-Freeware version
-Alpha prerelease

Beta version

What should you check first to ensure software will work on your computer?

-The available hard drive capacity
-The amount of available RAM
-The type of operating system
-All of the above

All of the above
Productivity software suites are not available as web-based software.
A wizard is a software tool that offers a step-by-step guide through complicated tasks.
Removing red-eye, cropping, and altering pictures with pen- and brush-like tools are features of image-editing software.
When you buy software, you then own it and can do anything you’d like with it, including giving it to friends to install on their machines.