ch 10 quiz questions

HTML consists of a series of tags that say how text ought to be represented, where graphics should be placed, and what links should be included. (T/F)
Newspapers are in the process of moving from being products to being brands.(T/F)
The World Wide Web was developed almost entirely as a for-profit venture. (T/F)
People connect to the Internet using: wireless services
telephone lines
cable television lines
all of the above.
all of the above
Who developed TCP/IP, the original specification for the Internet’s protocols? Tim Berners-Lee
Steve Case
Bob Kahn and Vint Cerf
Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak
Bob Kahn and Vint Cerf
The purpose of hypertext is to let people move electronically from one document to another without necessarily knowing which computers the documents are located on.(T/F)
Google News has a large staff to decide which news stories will get posted to the site. (T/F)
On a Web site, cookies are:
files used to identify and track visitors at a Web sites
More than half of the world’s population can be considered “active” Internet users according to a chart described in the lecture.(T/F)
Paul Baran’s idea of cutting messages into small pieces and sending them on the easiest route was known as: digital pipeline
packet switching
packet switching
Twitter was originally created so people could share their answers to the question:
what are you doing?
The World Wide Web became the standard for posting documents on the Internet because its creator:
gave it away for free
The audience for online news sites has now surpassed the size of the audience for television news.(T/F)
The Uniform Resource Locator (URL) is the address of content placed on the Web.(T/F)
Broadcast journalist Tony Russell uses the following social media platform regularly on the job ___________________________.
All of the above
all of the above
What is the abbreviation for the name of an address where Web pages are located?
Web sites use _____ to track users while they are on the site.
small file called cookies
One example of reverse synergy discussed in the lecture included __________________________. concerns about privacy and the Web.
concerns about digital sites making more money than legacy platforms.
concerns about companies with a strong Web presence controlling accesss to too much information.
concerns about the Deep Web.
concerns about privacy and the Web.
According to Tim Berners-Lee, what is a principle upon which the Web is based? The Web should only be a tool for retrieving accurate information.
Users should be able to link to any document at anywhere in the world.
Some documents should only be accessible to a few people.
Copyright should be eliminated.
Users should be able to link to any document at anywhere in the world.
Information from the Internet may be unreliable because it does not have the gatekeepers deciding what information should or should not be published.(T/F)