ch 12

One of the Windows 7 workstations you manage has four user accounts defined on it. Two of the users are limited users while the third (your account) is an administrative user. The fourth account is the Guest user account, which has been enabled to allow management employees convenient workstation access. Each limited and administrative user has been assigned a strong password. File and folder permissions have been assigned to prevent users from accessing each other’s files. Autorun has been disabled on the system. What should you to increqase the security of his system?
Disable the Guest account
What Security Practice is an example of the Principle of Least Privilege?
All users on a Windows workstation are limited users except for one user who is responsible for maintaining the system.
You have a set of DVD-RW discs that have been used to archive files for your latest development project. You need to displse of the discs. What method should you use to best prevent extracting data from the discs?
You nee to enable a screen saver password on the Windows 7 workstation in your organization. What CP option should you use to do this?
You are responsible for disposing of several old workstations formerly used by accountants in your organization’s Finance department. Before being shipped to a computer recycler, you decide to make sure any old data on the hard drives is erased. To do this, you use the Windows XP Installation CD that came with these systems to delete all partitions from the hard drives. Have you properly prepared these systems for disposal?
No, you should use disk wiping software to fully erase the drives.
You have 5 salespersons who work out of your office and who frequently leave their laptops laying on their desk in their cubicles. You are concerned someone might walk by and take of of these laptops. Which of the following is the best protections to implement to address your concerns?
Use cable locks to chain the laptops to the desks.
You have purchased new computers and will be disposing of our old computers. Instead of recycling the computers, you decide to resell them by placing an ad on the Internet. These computers were previously used for storing sensitive information. What should you do prior to getting rid of the computers?
Use data wiping software to clear the hard drives
What is the best countermeasure against social engineering?
user awareness training
Several users have forwarded you an email stating that your company’s health insurance provider has just launched a new web site for all employees to access the site they are told in the email to click a link and provide their personal information. Upon investigation, you discover that your company;s health insurance provider did not send this e-mail. What kind of attack just occurred?
Which of the following are common forms of social engineering attack?
Hoax virus information emails
You are a security consultant and an organization has hired you to review their security measures. They are chiefly concerned that they could become the victims of a social engineering attack. What should you recommend they do to mitigate the risk?
Teach users how to recognize and respond to social engineering attacks
What function is performed by the TMP?
Create a hash of system components
You want to configure your computer so that a password is required before the operating system will load. What should you do?
Configure a user password in the BIOS
Which of the following would indicate when a system case cover is removed?
Chassis intrustion detection
Which security measure uses a unique key that can be used for hardware system identification?
TPM- trusted platform module
While browsing the Internet, you notice that the browser displays pop-ups that are targeted towards recent keyword searches you have performed. What is this an example of?
Which of the following could easily result in a mailbox being full so that messages can’t be received?
You have installed anti-malware software that checks for viruses in email attachments. Yu configure the software to quarantine any files with problems. You receive an email w/ an important attachment, but the attachment is not there. Instead, you see a message that the file has been quarantined by the anti-malware software. hat has happened to the file?
It has been moved to a folder on our computer.
You have installed anti-malware software on a computer that only you use. You want to protect the computer from files that you download from the Internet. What should you do next to make sure that there arent any existing files on your system that are infected?
Run a full scan
Which of the following is the process f fixing problems detected by anti-virus software so that the computer is restored to its original state?
What are the most common means of virus distribution? (2)
Malicious web sites // email
To tightly control the anti-malware settings on your computer, you elect to update the signature file manually. Even though you vigilantly update the signature file, the machine becomes infected with a new type of malware. Which of the following actions would best prevent this scenario from occurring again?
Configure the software to automatically download the virus definition files as soon as they become available.
What is the common name for a program that has no useful purpose, but attempts to spread itself to other systems and often damages resources on the systems where it is found?
A user reports that her machine is behaving erratically. She suspects something is wrong because lately a firewall alert keeps indicating programs are trying to access the Internet, and several files have disappeared or have been renamed. What do you suspect is causing these problems?
Malware infection
Which of the following actions adds new features and fixes bugs for anti-malware software?
Updating the anti-malware software
You have a computer that runs Windows 7. Where would you go to check if the system can recognize and use any installed anti-virus software?
Security center
After installing some software a few days ago your DVD drive tray randomly began to open and close. Today, you were called into our boss’s office to discuss why you are calling 900 numbers while at work. Which type f malware would create these symptoms?
You discover that a system on your network has been infected with a worm. What is the best way to prevent the spread of the worm to other systems while you work on removing the worm?
Quarantine the computer
What is the program that appears to be a legit application utility, game, or screensaver and hat performs malicious activities surreptitiously?
Trojan horse
Which type of malicious activity can be described as numerous unwanted and unsolicited email messages sent to a wide range of victims?
You have just installed anti-virus software on all computers on your company networks. Which additional actions should you take yo help protect systems from malicious software? (2)
Train users to scan removable storage devices before copying files. // Train users to update the virus definition files frequently
Your anti-virus software has detected malware on your system. However, the anti-virus software is unable to remove it, and when you try to delete the files, you can’y because they are in use. What should you try first?
Boot into Safe Mode and try removing the malware
A user reports that his machine will no longer boot properly. After asking several questions to determine the problem you suspect the user unknowingly downloaded malware from the internet, and the malware corrupted the boot block. Based on your suspicions, what actions could you take to correct the problem? (2)
Boot from the Windows 7 installation DVD and use the Recovery Environment to run a startup repair. // Reimage the machine
If your anti-virus software doesn’t detect and remove a virus, what should you try first?
Update your virus detection software

You manage 2 computers with the following user accounts:

-Wrk1 has user accounts Mary and Admin. The Mary account does not have a password set; the Admin account does.
-Wrk2 has user accounts Mary and Julia. The Mary account has a password set; the Julia account does not.

You are working from Wrk2 and would like to access a shared folder on Wrk1. What credentials should you use to access the shared folder?

Type Admin for the username and specify the password
You are configuring the local security policy of a Windows system. You want to prevent users from reusing old passwords. You want to force them to use a new password 5 days before changing it again. which policies should you configure? (2)
Minimum password age// Enforce password History
What type of security measures is a form of biometrics?
Fingerprint scanner
What is a hardware device that contains ID info and which can be used to control building access or computer logon?
Smart card
Following Windows installation, you enabled the built-in Admin account . You remove the password for this account, You enable remote Desktop on your computer using the default settings.. From home, you try to access your computer using Remote Desktop using the Admin account but you are unable to log on. What should you do?
Configure a password for the Admin account
What is the most common form of authentication?
Username and password
A user is trying to log into her notebook computer. She enters the correct password for her user account, but the system won’t let her authenticate, claiming the wrong password has been entered. What’s causing the problem?
She has turned Num Lock on causing numbers to be sent from the keyboard instead of letters.
What are (2) biometric devices?
Face scanner /// Retina scanner
While trying to log on, a user accidently typed the wrong password three times, and now the system tells him that he can’t log on because of too many incorrect passwords. He still remembers his password, but just typed it wrong. He needs access as quickly as possible, what should you do?
Unlock the account
Which type of biometric authentication uses the ridges of your skin?
What do biometrics use to perform authentication of identity?
human characteristics
You are configuring the local security policy of a Windows system. You want to require users to create passwords that are at least 10 characters long. You also want to prevent logon after three unsuccessful logon attempts. Which (2) policies should you configure?
Minimum password length // Account lockout threshold
A VPN is used for what purpose?
Support secured communications over an untrusted network
What security measures encrypts the entire contents of a hard drive?
What wireless security methods use a common shared key configured on the wireless access point and all wireless clients?
WEP, WPA Personal, WPA2 Personal
What provides security for wireless networks?
What security solutions would prevent a user from reading a file which she did not create?
What security protocols establish a secure connection and encrypt data for a VPN? (3)
What form of networking is highly susceptible to eaves dropping (data interception) and must be secured accordingly?
You want a security solution that protects the entire hard drive, preventing access even when it is moved to anther system. which solution would you choose?
What TCP/IP protocol is a secure form of HTTP that uses SSL as a sublayer for security?
Which of the following is the best device to deploy to protect your private network from a public untrusted network?
What is a firewall function?
packet filtering
What 2 actions taken directly improves system security on Windows systems?
Install anti-virus software. // Enable the Windows firewall
You want to be able to access your home computer using Remote Desktop while traveling. You enable Remote Desktop, but you find that you cannot access your computer outside of your home network. What should you do?
Open the firewall port for the Remote Desktop program
You are configuring a firewall to allow access to a server hosted on the demilitarized zone of your network. You open IP ports 80, 25, 110 and 143. Assuming that no other ports on the firewall need to be configured to provide access, what applications are most likely to be hosted on the server?
Web server, e-mail server
A good reason to install a firewall?
You want to restrict Internet users from accessing private data on your network
You are configuring a network firewall to allow SMTP outbound e-mail traffic, and POP3 inbound e-mail traffic. What (2) IP ports should you open in the firewall?
25 for SMTP// 110 for POP3
To access your company’s internet network from home, you use Secure SHell (SSH). The admin has recently implemented a firewall at the network perimeter and disabled as many ports as possible. Which port needs to remain open so you can still work from home?
To increase security on your company’s internal network, the admin has disabled as many ports as possible. Now, however, though you can browse the Internet, you are unable to perform secure credit car transactions. Which port needs to be enabled to allow secure transactions?
What are (2) functions performed by proxy servers?
block employees from accessing certain web sites // cache web pages
You would like to control Internet access based on users, time of day, and Web sites visited. How can you do this?
Install a proxy server. Allow Internet access only through the proxy server.
You connect your computer to a wireless network available at the local library. You find that you can access all websites you want on the Internet except for two. What might be causing the problem?
A proxy server is blocking access to the web sites.
Two employees cannot access any sites outside of the local network, but can still access internal files on other internal subnets. Other employees are not experiencing the same problem. You suspect the issues may have something to do with the proxy server on your network and the settings in Internet Explorer. What should you do?
Identify the proxy server nae and port number in Internet Options.