Ch.2 Sec.1 Completing a Job Search

Employment agencies, career fairs, and Internet ads can all be sources of _____.
D.) Job leads
If you have easy access to a computer, your job search efforts should be limited to the Internet.
The Internet can be used to:
D.) All of the above
A job search should be treated like a full time job.
More companies are posting job advertisements on industry specific sites, because the applicants are usually more qualified.
School teachers, counselors, and job placement centers can help you _____.
B.) Identify job leads and set up interviews
Which of the following is an Internet job search “do”?
B.) Pay attention to all directions before responding to job postings
If you are interested in working for a specific company, what type of job site should you look at for opening?
C.) Company site
Who pays fees to private employment agencies?
C.) Both employers and applicants
Approximately 80% of all job openings are part of the hidden job market.
The first step you should take when organizing your job search is to:
C.) Compile your list of prospects
Monica is interested in changing careers, and she needs to find a job Web site that lists careers from all industries. What type of job site would you recommend for her?
A.) General job site
Classified ads in newspapers_____.
C.) Only lead to jobs for a small percentage of job seekers
Which of the following advertisements is most likely a legitimate job advertisement?
B.) An advertisement that seeks candidates with specific skills and requests a resume
Which of the following is an Internet job search “don’t”?
B.) Apply for jobs that you are not qualified for
Temporary employment that can become permanent employment after a period of evaluation by the employer defines _____.
C.) Temp-to-hire work