Ch 3

The input from a POS terminal serves as output to other computers to maintain sales records, update inventory, verify credit, and perform other activities associated with sales transactions.
One common method of thwarting a smartphone thief is not to use the phone to check the time.
People suffering from technology overload feel distressed when deprived of technology, even for a short length of time.
Which of the following are small speakers that rest inside each ear canal?
A joystick is a handheld vertical lever, mounted on a base, that you move in different directions to control the actions of the simulated vehicle or player.
One advantage of dedicated servers is that they usually do not demand as much memory or storage as other computers.
You need to restore a computer that has suffered a catastrophic failure. Which of the following are you most likely to use?
backup server
What is the technology featured in the trend known as the Internet of Things?
embedded computers
You have purchased a surge protector and you are happy with it, in part because it has an appropriate Joule rating. What is that rating?
Which of the following is the term for unsolicited mail messages?
Which of the following is an example of a mobile device?
Features typically not found in cameras built into mobile phones include optical zoom, additional lenses, and scene modes.
Physical servers are easier to manage than virtual servers.
Your data center is looking to conserve space in its server room. Which of the following are you most likely to choose as a result?
blade server
Which of the following terms includes speakers, webcams, and printers as examples?
Cloud computing allows a company to diversify its network and server infrastructure.
The trend is toward larger desktop tower form factors.
You are looking for a port that will work for an audio device. Which of the following is likeliest to work?
You go to your local town utility in order to pay your gas bill. Which of the following are you most likely to use?
financial kiosk
A type of computer usually has only one user. Which of the following is most likely to be the type of computer?
personal computer
The video clips that users of video message services send are typically how long?
30 seconds
Teen drivers statistically are more susceptible to being distracted while driving.
You want to find a device that can connect to your mobile device and enable you to print. Which of the following do you use?
Many game console models include internal disk drives or memory to store games and other media.
Some users configure a desktop to function as a server on a network.
Which of the following companies does not manufacture computers that use the Windows operating system?
Which of the following is an external device that provides connections to peripheral devices through ports built into the device?
port replicator
Your electric service has been failing with some frequency lately because of a lot of storms, and you are looking for more peace of mind when it comes to a reliable power source for your computer. Which of the following could help?
***What is the term for an ultrathin laptop (like the one shown in the accompanying figure) that uses the Windows operating system?
All-in-one desktops are usually more expensive than purchasing a system unit and monitor separately.
Mobile users are susceptible to hardware theft because the size and weight of their computers and devices make them easy to steal.
A port replicator is similar to a docking station, but it has more functionality.
Some users of e-books prefer the electronic paper black-and-white screen over the models with color screens because the electronic paper resembles a paper page from a book.
Which of the following is NOT a type of kiosk?
Which of the following are large, expensive, powerful computers that can handle hundreds or thousands of connected users simultaneously and store tremendous amounts of data, instructions, and information?
Which of the following are capable of processing many trillions of instructions in a single second?
If you are looking to use a Bluetooth device and do not want to extend its range with additional equipment, which of the following is the approximate distance you can expect between your device and the device with which it is transmitting data?
33 feet
Which of the following do most major corporations use for business activities like billing millions of customers, preparing payroll for thousands of employees, and managing millions of items in inventory?
You have a collection of all the photos, videos, and audio you have captured from your new nephew. What is the name for this collection?
media library
Some handheld game device models are Internet capable for downloading games and apps.
Which of the following cameras is a high-end digital camera that has interchangeable lenses and uses a mirror to display on its screen an exact replica of the image to be photographed?
Which of the following is a device that plugs in a USB port on the computer or mobile device and contains multiple USB ports?
USB hub
E-books have no wear and tear.
Some cloud computing services automatically add more network and server capacity to a company’s website as demand for services of the website increase.
A brownout is a complete power failure.
Which of the following kinds of computing refers to an environment of servers that house and provide access to resources users access through the Internet?
Eyestrain associated with CVS is not thought to have serious or long-term consequences.
Which of the following is a four- or five-digit number assigned to a specific content or mobile service provider, for example, to vote for a television program contestant or donate to a charity?
When an instrument in the dashboard of your car informs you the air pressure in the right rear tire is low, what type of computer determines the air pressure is low?
b. embedded computer
***Which of the following is a network of several servers, like those in the accompanying figure, together in a single location?
server farm