ch 5 and 6 concept

World wide web
a collection of millions of web sites
web site
a collection of related web pages connected by hyperlinks
the first graphical web browser released in 1993
web page
a hypertext markup language (HTML) documant
text messaging
another term for SMS, messages of less than 160 characters sent via a cellular netowkr
is an informal website of time stamped articles written in journal format
is a collaboraitive website that people use to communicate with each other
is an audio file distributed through downloads or feeds
If youre sending an email message from your laptop to a classmate, the laptop is the
social network
is a web site where members share interests, ideas, and information
a post to a microblog such as twitter
a web page listing jornal entries that provide commentary and information, usually about a particular interest
a type of web page that a group of people can comment on and make changes to
citizen journalist
members of the public who report on current events
Type of communication, such as blogging, where authors and readers do not need to be online at the same time
e-commerce model where businesses provide goods and services to individuals
e commerce sites sell this to generate income
click through
occurs when you click a pop up or banner advertisement on a web site and go to the advertisers web site
email forwarding
C2C web sites typically use this to connect buyers with sellers and still protect everybodys privacy
a standard protocol for securing credit card transactions over the internet
General search
engine that searches web pages in its database that contain specific words or phrases
metasearch engine
offers the convenience of searching many sources from one web site
online reference
service that connects you with a human librarian
specialty search
engine that provides access to academic information for research
social search tool
Finds subjective content, such as comments, reviews, and opinions
Disk cleanup utility
Removes unused files like temporary Internet files from your hard drive
Displays unsolicited advertisements in banners or pop-up windows
disk defragment
Reorganizes the data on a magnetic hard drive so that you can access files more quickly
Recycle Bin
Not emptying this lets files remain on your computer and take up space
virus protection
Software that scans incoming messages and programs to protect your computer
Type of malware that spreads without human interaction, sending itself out to everyone in your address book
Type of malware that is spread when you distribute infected files, especially as e-mail attachments
Type of malware that collects bits of data, like your surfing habits
A slowed down Wi-Fi connection can be the result of this
Scam that looks like a genuine message or Web site, but tries to get you to reveal sensitive information
White Hat
Type of hacker who wants to show off their skills and doesn’t intend any serious damage
hurricanes and storms
Events that account for almost half of total catastrophic data losses
Type of power supply/battery backup device that can prevent some forms of data loss
Black Hat
Type of hacker who intends serious harm through espionage, theft, or disruption of a network
Using automated attack tools like viruses and worms to deliberately disrupt computers and networks to affect the most people
Components of an online profile
Details about an individual that are combined from online and offline behaviors, including comments, postings, likes and shares, and online coupons
Report abuse quickly
First step to take when being cyberbullied or cyberstalked
A set of online communication practices and rules
Identity theft
The nations fastest growing crime, where victims are unaware its being committed until the damage is done
Drivers license, birth certificate
Items an identity thief can obtain to impersonate you
Security feature often built into operating systems
A strong password
A unique name you create to identify yourself to a computer system
Method used to verify the identity of computer users
A high level of encryption for wireless devices
Software secrectly installed on networked computers that tracks and transmits personal data without your knowledge or permission
Common forms include computer viruses, Trojan horses, and worms
Used by commercial Web site vendors to identify users and customize Web pages
Displays unwanted advertisements in banners or pop-up windows on your computer
Computer taken over by hackers to perform malicious tasks across a network
indication that a web site is secure for shopping
Emails that might appear to come from your bank or credit card company, asking you for email logon or personal information
electronic wallet
one secure method of online payment
misspelled company name
indication that a web site is not secure
money transfer
Online payment method to avoid