Ch. 7 Sec+

Application-aware firewall
can identify the applications that send packets through the firewall and then make decisions about the application.
Application-aware IPS
is an intrusion prevention system that knows information such as the applications that are running as well as the underlying operating systems.
Content inspection
searching incoming web content to match keywords.
Heuristic monitoring
is a monitoring technique used by an intrusion detection system (IDS) that uses an algorithm to determine if a threat exists.
Malware inspection
searching for malware in incoming web content.
Network address translation (NAT)
is a technique that allows private IP addresses to be used on the public internet.
is a device that can forward packets across computer networks.
is a device that connects network segments and forwards only frames intended for that specific device or frames sent to all devices.
Virtual LAN (VLAN)
is a technology that allows scattered users to be logically grouped together even though they may be attached to different switches.
VPN concentrator
is a device that aggregates VPN connections.