ch 9

Stock market information system
Which system differentiates an executive information system from a decision support system and a transaction processing system?
Intelligent agent
What is a special-purpose, knowledge-based information system that accomplishes specific tasks on behalf of its users?
Involves the aggregation of information and features simple roll-ups to complex groupings of interrelated information.
What is consolidation?
Neural network
What is a category of AI that attempts to emulate the way the human brain works?
Goal-seeking analysis
What finds the inputs necessary to achieve a goal, such as a desired level of output?
Which of the following is a type of decision support system?
Enables users to get details, and details of details, of information.
What is drill-down capability?
Processing is OLTP for executives and OLAP for analysts.
Which of the following is an incorrect enterprise view of information technology?
Which of the following represents the top-down (executives to analysts) organizational levels of information technology systems?
People no longer have to worry about protecting the corporate asset of organizational information.
Which of the following is not a reason for the growth of decision-making information systems?
Expert system
Which of the following is the most commonly used form of AI in the business arena?
Intelligent systems
What are various commercial applications of artificial intelligence called?
Order processing
Which of the following is a type of transaction processing system?
Sensitivity analysis
What is the study of the effect that changes in one (or more) part of the model has on other parts of the model?
Genetic algorithm
What is an artificial intelligence system that mimics the evolutionary, survival-of-the-fittest process to generate increasingly better solutions to a problem?