Chaper 5- Operations Management

Database systems, artificial intelligence programs, and voice-recognition software are examples of______________
soft technology
Flexible manufacturing systems (FMS’s)
consist of two or more computer controlled machines or robots linked by automated handling devices such as transfer machines, conveyors and transport systems.
Computer-aided manufacturing (CAM) Systems
involves computer control of a manufacturing process, such as determining tool movements and cutting speeds.
Which of the following enables engineers to design, analyze, test, simulate, and manufacture products before they physically exist?
Computer aided design/ computer aided engineering (CAD/CAE) systems.
Computer aided manufacturing has advantages over conventional manufacturing approaches under many conditions. Which of the following is not a condition?
When homogeneous parts are manufactured.
According to National Research Council, companies with computer integrated manufacturing system experience have been able to
decrease engineering costs by up to 30 percent
Which of the following statements is TRUE about enterprise planning (ERP) systems?
Customer ordering and production scheduling are its real time transaction processing systems.
Which of the following would NOT be included in a typical customer relationship management CRM system?
Supply chain inventory management
Customer relationship management helps firms gain
competitive advantage by all of the following except:
by providing real time transaction processing
Information technology has significantly affected health care. Which of the following is NOT an outcome?
Faster exchange of handwritten charts between physicians and nurses
Which of the following is NOT an activity handled by a return facilitator?
Recommending a new supplier
Apple computer would best be described as what type of company?
Business to customer (B2C)
General electric would be best described as what type of company?
Business to business (B2B)
Which of the following activities is NOT a part of a return facilitators activities?
Being an internet enabler
Which of the following is NOT a major characteristic of a customer relationship management (CRM) system?
Monitors the quality levels of products
Filing individual federal tax returns would best be described as what type of value chain?
Government to Customer (G2C)
High scalability is most related to
low incremental cost
Infinite scalability is most related to
high scalability