Chapter 1:

Information Technology
____ is a field of study focused on the management, processing and automatic retrieval of information.
Bio-medical engineering
One potential application of _______ is to provide sight to the blind.
The goal of ______ technology research is to provide solutions to physical and health related problems.
Netflix providing you with a list of videos you might enjoy
Which of the following examples is the result of mining raw data to produce useful information?
The gap between those who have easy access to the internet and technology those who do not is known as the ______ divide.
Unwanted or junk e-mail is called ______.
Scanning a product’s ______ code with a smartphone can take you to a website, a video, or a Facebook page for more information about the product.
The process of searching huge amounts of data seeking a pattern is called data ______.
Working without continual direction and control
Autonomy is defined as _______.
Social Networking
______ tools enable groups of people to connect and exchange ideas.
Data warehousing is the process of searching large datasets to find patterns. (True or False).
Using the internet to get small donations from many people to start a business is called ______.
Analyzing computer systems to gather potential legal evidence is computer _____.
_______ solicits online input from consumers.
Affective Computing
_____ is software which recognizes and stimulates human emotions and responds as a human would.
A popular Voice over Internet Protocol (VolP) service is ______.
Using software such as Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop and Corel Painter allows artists to create ______ art.
Faculty at universities often use course management software such as ________ so that students can communicate outside of class and have easy access to class materials.
Augmented Reality
_______ is our normal sense of the world around us enhanced with digital information.
________ provides the instructions that tell a computer what to do