Chapter 1

Which three devices are considered end devices in a network? (Choose three.)
VoIP Phone, Security Camera, TelePresence Endpoint
Which statement describes a characteristic of a converged network?
A single network that delivers voice, video, and data to a variety of devices.
What is an ISP?
(Internet Service Provider) It is an organization that enables individuals and businesses to connect to the Internet.
A college is building a new dormitory on its campus. Workers are digging in the ground to install a new water pipe for the dormitory. A worker accidentally damages a fiber optic cable that connects two of the existing dormitories to the campus data center. Although the cable has been cut, students in the dormitories only experience a very short interruption of network services. What characteristic of the network is shown here?
Fault Tolerance
What is a WAN?
A network infrastructure that provides access to other networks over a large geographic area
Match the Internet connectivity type to the appropriate description or characteristic. (Not all options are used.)
Metro Ethernet – high speed business class copper or fiber connection
Satellite – requires a dish and clear line of sight for service
SDSL – business class service that provides the same upload and download speeds over telephone lines
Cable – signal carried on the same copper or fiber medium as the television signal
Cellular – access via the cellphone network
During a routine inspection, a technician discovered that software that was installed on a computer was secretly collecting data about websites that were visited by users of the computer. Which type of threat is affecting this computer?
What are two characteristics of a scalable network? (Choose two.)
Grows in size without impacting existing users,
Suitable for modular devices that allow for expansion
An employee wants to access the network of the organization remotely, in the safest possible way. What network feature would allow an employee to gain secure remote access to a company network?
VPN (Virtual Private Networks)
An ____________
is a private connection of LANs and WANs that belongs to an organization, and is designed to be accessible only by the members and employees of the organization, or others with authorization.
How does BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) change the way in which businesses implement networks?​
BYOD provides flexibility in where and how users can access network resources.
In which scenario would the use of a WISP (Wireless Internet Service Provider) be recommended?
A farm in a rural area without wired broadband access