Chapter 10

As shown in the accompanying figure, what is the term for a network that covers a large geographic area, such as a city, country, or the world, using a variety of wired and wireless transmission media?
wide area network (WAN)
Which of the following statements is not true of peer-to-peer networks?
The network operating system is stored on a network server
As data moves through a network from one program to another, it can use at most one kind of network standard.
Which of the following is a communications device that connects multiple computers together and transmits data to its correct destination on a network?
With TCP/IP, each packet contains data as well as the recipient (destination), origin (sender), and the sequence information used to reassemble the data at the destination.
What is the definition of a protocol, as it applies to networks?
a standard that outlines characteristics of how two network devices communicate
IP hijacking is one of the largest Internet security threats
Which of the following terms is the time it takes a signal to travel from one location to another on a network?
What is the purpose of hubs and switches?
to provide a central point for cables in a network
On a token ring network, a packet is a special series of bits that function like a ticket, allowing the device with the packet to transmit data over the network.