Chapter 11: Planning Reports and Proposals

The basic purpose of informational reports is
to present data, facts, feedback, and other types of information, without analysis or recommendations
Despite the variety among them, many analytical reports include a
section of recommendations
The best way to phrase the purpose statement of a report is with
an infinitive phrase
Which of the following is an infinitive phrase?
to update clients
Which of the following is the least clear statement of purpose?
“The purpose of this report is to analyze four potential investments.”
A formal work plan includes all of the following except
a list of all the sources you will use
Which of the following is not a typical element in a formal work plan?
Conclusions and recommendations
When selecting media for a report
your decisions should reflect your audience’s expectations
Delivering a business report as a word processing file
is useful if the audience will need to search the report frequently
When outlining the content of your report
it is helpful to use informative headings as opposed to descriptive ones
Which of the following is not a useful strategy in preparing business reports?
Use the same format for reports, regardless of length
An employee who writes a report on her experiences during last week’s sales calls is preparing a(n)
informational report
The CEO of a pharmaceutical company asks you assess the company’s adherence to laws governing television ads for prescription drugs. The CEO has requested a
compliance report
Most compliance reports are required by
government agencies
A public corporation filing a quarterly tax report would be providing
a compliance report
A contractor submitting a weekly report on work done to date would be providing the client with
a progress report
Topical organization strategies for informational reports include all of the following except
A business plan
is sometimes prepared after a company is up and running
For most audiences, reading online is ________ than reading from a printed page
more difficult
Making generous use of descriptive labels, subheads, and other similar devices on a website
helps online readers get oriented to your website
Unlike feasibility reports, justification reports
are designed to affirm decisions after they have been made
Problem factoring is the process of
breaking a problem down into a series of logical, connected questions
Analytical reports for skeptical audiences should generally follow the _________ approach.
Which of the following is not a common organizational format for analytical reports?
focusing on information
One potential drawback of focusing on conclusions in a report is that you may
oversimplify the contents
A report focused on recommendations should
first establish or verify the need for action
Any risks involved with your recommendations should
be addressed clearly in your report
Unlike those focused on conclusions or recommendations, reports focusing on logical arguments
use the indirect approach
Which of the following is not a strategy for structuring reports focused on logical arguments?
Direct approach
The 2+2=4 approach
is the first strategy to try when writing reports that include recommendations
Because of its natural feel and versatility, the ________ approach is generally the most persuasive way to develop an analytical report for skeptical readers
One drawback of using the yardstick approach to structure business reports is that
you must discuss all the alternatives, even if many of them turn out to be irrelevant and/or unproductive
You’re writing an analytical report outlining the benefits of starting a recycling program. You need to explain how the program meets numerous criteria including reasonable cost, ease of implementation, and long-term impact. The ________ approach will probably be the best way to organize your report
A contractor receives a request from the owner of a company to bid on a large-scale construction project. The contractor will prepare a(n)
solicited proposal
In an unsolicited proposal, the writer
must convince readers that a problem or opportunity exists
At the beginning of a research project, you need to
familiarize yourself with the subject
Sources of secondary information include
newspapers and periodicals
Which of these documents would not qualify as primary research?
The most recent issue of a trade magazine in your industry
In evaluating material you have gathered for a report, you should
check the material for currency
A web directory differs from a search engine in that
human editors find and index the websites to include
A metacrawler is
a special type of engine that searches several search engines at once
Unlike Internet search engines, online databases
often provide access to various parts of the hidden Internet
To conduct an effective database search,
consider questions such as where useful information might be found.
You would not need to cite a source if you
provided general knowledge about your topic
The two most common primary research methods are
surveys and interviews
You create a survey and administer it five times under identical conditions. because it yielded completely different results each time, you should conclude that this survey is
not reliable
“What are your plans for expanding your sales to the European market?” is an example of
an open-ended question
Which of the following is a closed-ended question?
Do you think the proposed expansion plan is feasible?
Unlike a summary, a paraphrase
restates the original material in your own words and with your own sentence structures
One task in effective paraphrasing is to
check your version against the original to make sure that you didn’t alter the meaning