Chapter 12.11 Proxy Servers

You would like to control Internet access based on users, time of day, and Web sites visited. How can you do this?
Install a proxy server. Allow Internet access only though the proxy server.
Which of the following functions are performed by proxy servers?

Block employees from accessing certain websites.

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Cache web pages.

Two employees cannot access any websites on the Internet, but can still access servers on the local network, including those residing on other subnets. Other employees are not experiencing the same problems.

What should you do?

Identify the proxy server name and port number in Internet Options.

You connect your computer to a wireless network available at the local library. You find that you can’t access several websites you need to on the internet.

What might be causing the problem?

A proxy server is filtering access to websites.
You need to configure a Windows workstation with the IP address of the proxy server for your network.