chapter 12

This term refers to the practical applications of science and knowledge to commercial and organizational activities.
The use of publicly accessed servers to store users’ text photos, videos and other data at remote sites, rather than on their own computers is called:
Cloud computing.
The self-reinforcing feature of technology means that:
Technology acts as a multiplier to encourage is own faster development.
In the nomadic-agrarian phase of technology in society, people:
Both A and B, but not C.
The phase of technology that focuses on building material goods and manual labor is:
Which of the following is not true about the service phase of technology?
It dominated from 1900 to 1960.
The information phase of technology primarily requires:
Intellectual and electronic skills.
The place where information is stored, ideas are described, and communication takes place in and through an electronic network of linked systems is called:
We are currently in which phase in the development of technology?
A technological application that uses biological systems or living organisms to make or modify products or processes for specific use is called:
Which of the following countries is not one of the top 15 Internet users?
The buying and selling of goods and services electronically is called:
M-Commerce is facilitated primarily by:
Mobile or cell phones.
A pain or numbness in your thumbs caused by constant e-mailing, messaging, or Internet surfing on hand-held devices is called:
BlackBerry thumb.
In 2011, 1.2 billion people worldwide used social networking sites:
Once per month.
The difference between a blog and a vlog is:
Blogs have no ethical dilemma attached to them while vlogs have a blurred ethical line.
Another name for unsolicited commercial emails is:
All of the above.
Anti-spam legislation was passed by which country making it a crime to send unsolicited e-mail messages to people’s private e-mail addresses or cell phones:
United Kingdom.
The practice of using fake business emails in order to trick users into divulging personal data, such as usernames and passwords, is called:
In 2012, the Anti-Phishing Working Group (APWG) reported that how many of the world’s computers were infected with some type of malware?
39 percent.
Government efforts at controlling the Internet are found in which country?
All of the above.
All of the below are options for companies when government censorship occurs except:
Offer monetary compensation to government officials to allow certain web content.
A group of people who leap to the most dreadful conclusions while researching health matters online are called:
In 2009 the U.S. government announced plans to spend how much to spur the use of digital or electronic patient records, as part of a national effort to reduce medical costs?
19 billion.
According to an investigation published in the Archives of Internal Medicine, since the digitalization of medical records:
The rate of malpractice claims has decreased dramatically.
The digital divide describes the gap between those:
Individuals who have technology and those who do not.
A 2012 study found that Internet access in African-American homes was how much less than Caucasian homes?
60 percent.
This program intends to bring lower-income Americans online by making broadband Internet access affordable for households with at least one child and an annual income below $29,000.
Connect to Compete.
According to the text, despite the world becoming more hyper-connected, this region still suffers from an important lag in adopting information and communication technology.
Latin America.
The unmistakable economic and social force of technology is evident in
All of the above.