Chapter 13

The ________ is responsible for the Internet’s domain name system and the allocation of IP addresses.
High-speed ________ communication lines use fiber-optics.
The main suite of protocols used on the Internet is ________.
The size
Which of the following information is NOT contained in a packet?
A(n) ________ address is a temporary IP address that is assigned from an available pool of IP addresses.
no longer had enough unique addresses
IPV6 was needed when IPV4 ________.
dotted quad
An IP address in the form is called a(n) ________.
classless interdomain routing (cidr)
By adding a network prefix to an IP address, supernetting or ________ lets a single IP address represent multiple unique IP addresses.
Which of the following was created for the transfer of hypertext documents across the Internet?
Text such as < b >This should be bolded.< /b > is an example of an HTML ________.
________ provides a procedure by which a browser can request that a program file be run rather than just being delivered to the browser.
The ________ defines items on a web page such as graphics, tables, and headers as objects.
A key pair
In public-key encryption, the two keys-one for coding and one for decoding-are known as ________.
Strong encryption now requires ________-bit keys.
is a consortium of organizations that develops web protocols and sets standards.
Internet Exchange Point
A typical _______ is made up of one or more network switches to which ISPs connect.
servers are computers that enable users to buy goods and services over the web.
Packet Switching
is the communications methodology where data are broken into smaller chunks to be sent over various routes at the same time.