Chapter 13

The rise of the Internet of Things has meant
all of the above
Packet switching sends information between two points
by breaking it into small chunks and sending the chunks across different routes.
In the client-server model, clients are phones or computer and servers are
all of the above
The main suite of the Internet protocols used to transmit data is called
A _________ takes the place of an IP address because it’s easier for humans to recall than a long string of
domain name
JSON, JavaScript Object Notation, is useful because it
allows web services to exchange information.
The protocol used to send e-mail over the Internet is
Cascading style sheets allow you to quickly change
the rules for applying formatting to an HTML document.
supports powerful multimedia effects.
MIME is a protocol that’s used when you’re
sending an e-mail that has a photo attached.
The collection of large national and international network providers used to establish the Internet is called the
Internet backbone.
IPv6 uses 32 bits to assign a
memory address to the CPU.
A private key is important
to decode an encrypted message.
HTTPS is a different than HTTP because
it is a combination of HTTP and the Secure Sockets Layer (SSL).
Encryption is used to
code your e-mail so only one person can decipher it.
If you use an Internet cache, then the information displayed in your browser is automatically refreshed. (T or F)
Your Internet service provider has a default domain name server to translate a URL into an IP address. (T or F)
Instant messaging is secure because of the type of encryption used. (T or F)
MIME is the protocol that supports sending files as e-mail attachments. (T or F)