Chapter 16 Dev

Robert Butler states that life review is set in motion by:
looking forward to death
Which of the following statements about life review is NOT true
looking back at experiences, evaluating, interpreting, reinterpreting
One study revealed that an important factor among older adults who showed a higher level of emotion regulation and successful aging was:
reduced responsiveness to regrets
Vashti believes that the more energetic and involved older adults are, the more likely they are to be satisfied with their lives. Thus she believes in _____ theory.
Activity Theory
Which of the following theories explains why older adults spend most of their time with familiar individuals and family
socioemotional selectivity theory
Life span developmentalist Paul Baltes and his colleagues believe that successful aging is related to three main factors:
selection, optimization and compensation
In which of the following scenarios is the need for compensation for older adults the most obvious
relevant when life tasks require a level of capacity beyond the current level of the older adult’s performance potential
A longitudinal study of more than 1,200 individuals across seven decades revealed that a higher score on the big five personality factor of ______ predicted a lower risk of earlier death from childhood through late adulthood.
Which of the following is the most frequent form of ageism
disrespect for older adults
Considering the fact that many of the health problems of older adults are chronic rather than acute, which of the following is a concern regarding the medical system
medical system is still based on a “cure” rather than a “care” model
Gina is doing what she can to help her older aunt take care of herself and stay in her own home. Gina often takes meals to her aunt and helps her clean, go shopping, and make visits to the doctor. Gina is providing ____ for her aunt
Which of the following is true of the usage of Internet among older adults
fastest growing segment of internet users; frequent computer use = higher performance on cognitive tasks
Which of the following statements about cohabiting older adults is true
increasing numbers of cohabitation; more for companionship than love
Alice, Jane, Lois, and Sandra have been friends since grade school. Over the years, they have given each other support and shared in each other’s joys and sadness times. This is an example of which model of social relations
social convoy model
Which of the following could be probable reason why older adults tend to report being less lonely than younger adults
reflect more selective social network and greater acceptance of loneliness in their lives
What is the “triple jeopardy” faced by African American and Latino women when it comes to income and financial levels of support in the elder years
ageism, sexism, and racism