Chapter 16 Network pro 16.1.8 Practice exam, 16.2.5 Practice exam

Your company leases a very fast Internet connection and pays for it based on usage. You have been asked by the company president to reduce Internet line lease costs. You want to reduce the amount of web pages that are downloaded over the leased connection, without decreasing performance.

What is the best way to do this?

Install a proxy server
You manage a server that runs your company Web site. The Web site includes streaming video that shows features of some of your products.

The link connecting your server to the Internet charges based on bandwidth use. When the bandwidth spikes, so does your bill. You would like to implement a solution to prevent the amount of traffic sent over the WAN link from exceeding a specific level.

Which solution should you implement?

Traffic shaper
You manage a server that runs your company Web site. The Web server has reached its capacity, and the number of client requests is greater than the server can handle.

You would like to find a solution so that a second server can respond to requests for Web site content.

Which solution should you implement?

Load balancing
You have a website that uses multiple servers for different types of transactions. For example, one server is responsible for static web content, while another is responsible for secure transactions. You would like to implement a devices to speed up access to your web content….. Which type of device should you choose?
Content switch
What is the primary security feature that can be designed into a networks infrastructure to protect and support availability?
What is the purpose of using Ethernet bonding? (Select two.)
Increases network performance.
Provides a failover solution for network adapters
You have a network server with two network interface cards. You want both network adapters to be used at the same time to connect to the same network to double the amount of data the server can send. Which feature would you use?
Ethernet bonding
Your network conducts training sessions for high-profile clients. As part of the training, clients connect to get a video feed of the instructor and other class activities. You want to make sure that video traffic related to the training is not delayed on the network.

Which solution should you implement?

QoS provides which of the following on a network?
Reduces latency of time-sensitive traffic
Match the COS priority on the left with the corresponding value on the right.
0-Best effort (default)
2-Excellent effort
3-Critical applications
4-Video(<100ms latency) 5-Video(<10ms latency) 6-Internetwork control 7-Network control
Which of the following statements about DSCP are true? select two
The DiffServ field is used to add precedence values
Classification occurs at layer 3
Which type of switch optimizes network performance by using ASIC to perform switching at wire speed?
Multilayer switch
Your organizations uses a time-keeping application that only runs on Windows 2000. Because of this, there are several Windows 2000 workstations on your network. Last week you noticed unusual activity…. Which solution should you implement to protect the network….
Configure VLAN membership so that the Windows 2000 workstations are on their own VLAN
A new assistant network Admin was recently hired by your organization to relieve some of your workload. You assigned the assistant network Admin to replace a defective patch cable that connected port 1 on your patch panel to one of your network switches…. What should you do. choose two
Remove the patch cable connecting the first switch to the third switch
Enable STP on each switch
You are a network administrator for your computer. A frantic user calls you one morning exclaiming that “nothing is working.” What should you do next in your troubleshooting strategy?
Establish the symptoms.
You are a network administrator for your company. A user calls and tells you that after stepping on the network cable in her office, that she can no longer access the network.
You go to the office and see that one of the user’s stiletto heels has broken and exposed some of the wiring in the Cat 5 network cable. You make another cable and attach it from the wall plate to the user’s computer.
What should you do next in your troubleshooting strategy?
Test the solution.
A router periodically goes offline. Once it goes offline, you find that a simple reboot puts the router back online.
After doing some research you find that the most likely cause of the problem is a bug in the router’s software. A new patch is available from the manufacturer that is supposed to eliminate the problem.
What should you do next?
Identify possible effects of the solution.
Users report that the network is down. After some investigation, you determine that a specific router is configured such that a routing loop exists.
What should you do next?
Determine if escalation is needed.
A user reports that she cant connect to the internet. After some investigation, you find the wireless router has been misconfigured. You are responsible for managing and maintaining the wireless access point.
What should you do next?
Create an action plan.
A user is unable to connect to the network. You investigate the problem and determine that the network adapter is defective. You replace the network adapter and verity that it works.
What should you do next?
Identify the results and effects of the solution
A user reports that he cant connect to a specific Web site. You go to the user’s computer and reproduce the problem.
What should you do next?
Identify the affected areas of the network.
A user reports that she cant connect to a server on your network. You check the problem and find out that all users are having the same problem.
What should you do next?
Determine what has changed.
When troubleshooting network issues, its important to carry out tasks in a specific order. Drag the trouble shooting task on the left to the correct step on the right.
Step 1
Identify the problem
Step 2
Establish a theory of probable causes
Step 3
Test the theory to determine the cause
Step 4
Establish a plan of action
Step 5
Implement the solution or escalate
Step 6
Verify full system functionality
Step 7
Document findings, actions and outcomes
Match each troubleshooting command on the left with its function on the right. each utility may be used one, more than once, or not at all
Tests connectivity between two network hosts by sending IPv4 ICMP echo requests packets without modifying the TTL parameters/Ping
Computes lost/sent packet statistics for each hop in the route between two hosts/ Pathping
Used on Linux systems to identify the route between two IPv6 hosts/ Tracetroute6
Used on Windows systems to identify the route between two IPv4 hosts/ Tracert
Tests connectivity IPV6/