Chapter 2 Consumer Law

Magna Carta
On what English document was the U.S. Constitution based?
Declaration of Independence
What document listed the American colonist’s reasons for wanting independence from England?
New Hampshire
which state was the ninth to ratify the Constitution?
Bill of Rights
What are the first ten amendments to the Constitution?
Articles of Confederation
what document loosely established the first central government uniting the thirteenth states?
what document established a new stronger central government in 1787, that have been ratified by delegates to special conventions help in nine of the original 13 colonies?
Which state was the first to ratify the Constitution?
How many states had to ratify the Constitution to be adopted?
What are changes to the Constitution called?
Due process of law
what requires, at a minimum, adequate notice and a proper hearing?
Poll tax
What is a fixed payment each person had to pay before he could vote in the South?
Civil rights
what are the personal, natural rights of an individual?
Which branch of government includes Congress?
In which type of government do voters elect representatives?
Which branch of government includes the President?
What is an alteration to the Constitution?
Political Party
What is a private organization of citizens who select and promote political candidates?
What part of government consists of two bodies?
What is the trying of a government official for misconduct in office?
Who heads the executive branch of government?
Which branch of government includes the Supreme Court?
In what type of government do all citizens vote on every issue?
Checks and balances
A system that allows each branch of government to limit the powers of the other branches in order to prevent abuse of power; U.S. government operates under.
freedom from external control.
Supreme Court
Who has the authority to decide if the President’s actions exceed the powers of the executive branch?
Vice President
Who is the second officer in the executive branch?
What was the original internet system called?
What is the nonlinear format for the publishing of information?
National Science Foundation
What origination took over the functions of the defense network and created the modern internet?
Scanning program
What accesses information from the internet in the form of a browser?
Hypertext transfer protocol
What provides the standards for exchanging files in HTML format?
What does a court need before it can hear a case?
What is the name of business that is conducted electronically?
Other than speech, press, religion, and petition, what is the other basic means of expression?
What is the practice of sending unrequested bulk e-mailings to hundreds of thousands of potential customers through the internet called?