Chapter 2: The internet and World Wide Web

The Word Wide Web and e-mail
___ are two of the more widely accessed internet services
The___ is a worldwide collection of networks that links millions of businesses, government agencies, educational institutions, and individuals
The internet has its roots in a networking project started by the Pentagon’s___, an agency of the U.S. Department of Defense
The internet has its roots in___, a network that became functional in 1969, linking scientific and academic researchers across the United States
World Wide Web Consortium(W3C)
___ oversees research and sets standards and guidelines for many areas of the internet
Fixed Wireless Internet Connections are?use an antenna to communicate with a tower, are high-speed, use radio signals
Fixed Wireless Internet Connections___
A dial-up connecion
Although it is an inexpensive way for users to connect to the Internet,___ is slow-speed technology.
Until 1995, NSFnet handled the bulk of communications activity, or___, on the internet.
Dial-up access
___ takes place when the modem in a computer uses a standard telephone line to connect to the internet
A cable___ allows access to high-speed Internet services through the cable television network
___ high-speed internet connections use an antenna on a house or business to communicate with a tower location via radio signals
A satellite ___ communicates with a satellite dish to provide high-speed internet connections via satellite.
A Wi-Fi’s internet service can be dial-up access
What is not true about a Wi-Fi network
is a high-speed internet connection
A satellite Internet service___.
The W3C
__ oversees research and sets standards and guidelines for many areas of the internet.
____ is a technology that provides high-speed internet connection using regular copper telephone lines.
A(n) ____ provider is a business that provides individuals and companies access to the internet for free or for a fee
The components of a domain name are separated by ___,
The___ consists of a worldwide collection of electronic documents
Each electronic document on the web is called a Web___, which can contain text, graphics, audio(sound), and video
A web ____ is a collection of related web pages and associated items, such as documents and pictures, stored on a Web server
A(n)___ is application software that allows users to access and view web pages.
Internet-enabled mobile devices such a s smartphones use a special type of browser, called a(n)___, which is designed for their small screens and limited computing power
Many search engines use a program, called a(n)____, to build and maintain lists of words found on Web sites
A(n)___ is a web site that offers a variety of internet service from a single, convenient location
The term___ refers to any application that combines text with graphics, animation, audio, video, and/or virtual reality.
A(n)____ is a digital representation of non-text information such as a drawing, chart, or photograph.
On a web page, a(n)___ is a small version of a larger graphic
includes music, speech, or any other sound
Content Aggregators
Podcasters register their podcasts with ____.
The__ format reduces an audio file to about one-tenth of its original size, while preserving much of the original quality of sound.
____ is the process of transferring data in a continuous even flow, which allows users to access and use a file while it is transmitting.
To listen to an audio file on a computer, a user needs special software called a(n)
___is the use of computers to simulate a real or imagined environment that appears as three-dimensional (3-D) space
Moving Pictures Experts Group
The ___ defines a popular video compression standard.
___ consists of full-motion images that are played back at various speeds
A(n)___ is a program that extends that capability of a browser
Web___ is the development and maintenance of Web Pages
___is a business transaction that occurs over an electronic network such as the internet,
A customer(consumer) visits an online business through an electronic____, which contains product description, graphics, and a shopping cart