Chapter 2 (The Internet)

Hypertext inventor Time Berners Lee published an article in 2001 that introduced the idea of the
The World Wide Web was developed in
late 1980s
What was the original motivation for developing the Internet
Military government project
Today’s major ISPs include all except which of the following?
The Huffing Post is a leading
According to the textbook, what is the most popular social networking site
According to the textbook, which of the following technological advances have contributed to the rise of media convergence
Development of wireless networks, improved multimedia, developed of Internet capable cell phones and personal computer industry
The law that grants sweeping power to law enforcement agencies to intercept individual’s online communications including email messages and browsing records
US Patriot Act
Designed by the US Defense Advanced Research Project Agency the original Internet was called
___ is made of thin glass bundles that transmit thousands of messages simultaneously via laser light
Fiber optic cable