Chapter 3

social commerce
A subset of e-commerce that uses social networks to assist in marketing and purchasing products is known as ______
in URL “http” is________
breadcrumb trail
A list of pages within a website that you have visited and that usually appears at the top of a page is reffered to as a ________
The concept of the internet was developed in response to the ___ war
social networking
Facebook and MySpace are considered to be ______ websites
Tim Berners-Lee at CERN
The world wide web was invented by______
Podcasts use what technology?
Social web
Web 2.0 is classified as the ______
Hypertext transfer
The web is based on the _______ protocol
google glasses
A visual search engine that uses pictures from our smart phone to search the wen for more information is known as ______
Really simple syndication
Podcasts deliver their content using_____
a computer connected to the internet asks for data is _____
A _______ is a websites where anyone can add, remove, or edit its content
Robert Kahn
the “fathers” of the internet are Vinton Cerf and ____
tacked browsing
All of the following are features of the most popular Web browsers EXCEPT—
tabbed browsing,
pinned browsing,
tacked browsing,
tear-off tabs
a large network of networks
the internet is ______