Chapter 3 Questions

Using ____, a Web site’s visitors can move from one page to another, and view information in any order.
When text identifies a link, it often appears as ____ text.
With Internet Explorer, the default color for an active link ____.
Varies in color
A(n) ____ makes an image appear as if it has a frame around it.
If an image has a border but is not used as a link, the border displays in ____.
An easy way to provide contact information is to include a(n) ____ link on a Web site’s home page, as well as on other pages in the Web site.
A Web developer should design the Web site in such a way that the links from one Web page to another are apparent and the ____ is clear.
The ____ tags create a container that defines logical sections in your Web page.
By default, an image is ____.
If you want to use the default bullet style, the ____ attribute does not need to be included.
With an e-mail link, the link text used typically is the ____.
email address
The ____ tag is used to create anchors for links to another page in the same Web site, to a Web page in an external Web site, within the same Web page, and for e-mail links.
When a visitor clicks a(n) ____________________ link, it automatically opens a new message in the default e-mail program and inserts the appropriate contact e-mail address in the To field.
The form of an e-mail link is ____.
A(n) ____ path specifies the exact address for the file to which you are linking or displaying a graphic.
____ paths specify the location of a file, in relation to the location of the file that is currently in use.
A valid value for the font-size property is ____.
an actual numeric size; the value medium, and a percentage
The font-weight property takes all of the following values EXCEPT the ____ value.
The ____ tags increase the font size in comparison to the surrounding text.
The ____ tags display text below normal text.
The ____ tags display text above normal text.
A(n) ____ style sheet is a separate document with a .css extension.

In this embedded style

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the h1 element is the ____.

If a Web page uses a Geneva font, but Arial would also work well, you create a comma-separated list of acceptable fonts, using your text as the code.
Which of the following is NOT a pseudo-class that can be used when applied to the anchor or link selector?
A pseudo-class is attached to a ____ to specify a state or relation and give the Web developer more control.
selector with a colon
The code ____ eliminates completely the underline on text links.
a:hover text-decoration: none
The ____ tags create a container into which a user can add an inline style.
When the browser recognizes a(n) ____________________ URL in a clicked link, it automatically opens a new message in the default e-mail program and inserts the appropriate contact e-mail address in the To field.
. A(n) ____________________ describes the location (folder or external Web site) where the files can be found.
A(n) ____________________ element or attribute is one that has been outdated.
The tags are a(n) ____________________ style tag that displays text as bold.
The <____________________> tag designates a long quotation.
The <____________________> tag is a logical style tag that displays text with emphasis and usually appears as italicized.
The <____________________> tag is a physical style tag that displays text as italicized.
The <____________________> tag is often used for text in column format in another document pasted into HTML code.
Text that displays below normal text is called ____________________.
Text that displays above normal text is called ____________________.
Teletype text is also called ____________________ text.
____________________ style tags allow a browser to interpret the tag based on browser settings, relative to other text on a Web page.


heading tag is a(n) ____________________ style that indicates that the heading text should be larger than regular text but smaller than text formatted using an

heading tag.
The tags are a(n) ____________________ style, which indicates that the text should have a strong emphasis, and which most browsers interpret as displaying the text in bold font.
____________________ style tags specify a particular font change that is interpreted strictly by all browsers.
To make a style of one paragraph to be different from the style of others, you can define specific elements of an HTML file as a category, or a(n) ____.
The part of the style statement that identifies the page elements is called the ____.
The tag and the class name are separated by a(n) ____.
Once you have added a style statement with the class name “footer” you can display text in the style of that class using the ____ tag.
To establish a class in which text associated with the class name “footer” displays in a 9-point blue font, you would add a style statement like this one: ____.
p.footer {color: blue; text-size: 9pt}
If you find a graphic you want to use, right-click the image, click ____ on the shortcut menu, and then save the image to your computer.
Save Picture As
The ____ of an image impacts how long it takes an image to load.
Size, complexity
To create a(n) ____ version of an image, the image can be resized to a smaller size in a paint or image-editing program and then saved with a different file name.
To end right-aligned text wrap, enter the ____ tag where the text should stop wrapping to the right.
A(n) ____________________ image is a smaller version of the image itself.
tag clears all text alignments.
To create links within the same Web page, the ____________________ for the links first must be created.