Chapter 4 AP Human geography

the frequent repetition of an act, to the extent that it becomes characteristic of a group of people
a repetitive act performed by an individual
in contrast to folk culture, popular culture is typical of
a) smal homogeneous groups
b) large heterogeneous groups
c) groups that have little interaction with other groups
d) groups of specialists
e) groups living in isolated rural areas
jeans provide a good example of material culture that is adopted by a number of different societies
a) western culture
b) punk culture
c) folk culture
d) popular culture
in contrast to folk culture, popular culture is more likely to vary
a) neither from place to place nor from time to time
b) from time to time at a given place
c) from place to place at a given time
d) both from place to place and from time to time
folk cultures are spread primarily by
a) epidemic diffusion
b) contagious diffusion
c) hierarchical diffusion
d) stimulus diffusion
e) relocation diffusion
the use of a horse and buggy by the amish in the united states is an example of
a) folk culture
b) taboo
c) habit
d) popular culture
e) technological innovation
the main effect of modern communications on social customs has been
a) slow rate of change
b) stimulate the diffusion of folk cultures around the world
c) preserve folk cultures, by increasing awareness of their uniqueness
d) have little affect on the diffusion of social customs
e) increse in similarity of social customs in different locations
folk songs are distinguished from popular songs because they
a) can be understood only by one group
b) written by specialists for commercial distribution
c) are never changed from one generation to the next
d) are only transmitted orally
e) tell a story about daily activities
pioneer farmers settling the grasslands of the American West often build houses of sod, while early settlers of the eastern forest built wooden structures like log cabins. This suggests that building materials…
a) are chosen becasue of the diffusion of popular culture.
b) are strongly influenced by local resources
c) are a uniform feature of folk culture
d) are commonly imported long distance because of local folk culture
e) all of the above
in which state would alcohol consumption be relatively low?
a) kentucky
b) california
c) new york
d) utah
e) nevada
the choice of clothing in western countries is strongly influenced by
a) knowledge of fashion elsewhere
b) level of income
c) occupation
d) all of the above
e) B and C
all but which of the following statements reflect the environmental impact of culture?
a) popular culture may cause a rapid increase in demand for certain natural resources
b) solid waste is the most visible of wastes generated from culture
c) folk culture never causes environmental impacts, while popular culture does
d) environments can withstand and adapt to some level of pollution generated by human activities
some of the features of U.S. material culture such as gas stations, supermarkets, and motels
a) promote diffusion of folk culture
b) reflect the preservation of folk culture
c) show a high regional variation
d) provide diversity on the U.S. landscape
e) promote a uniform landscape
many less developed countries fear the loss of folk culture because
a) they do not want to preserve traditional values
b) popular culture devalues women
c) western perspectives may become more dominant
d) western clothing styles are less comfortable
e) tey want to avoid political disputes
China produces a relatively large amount of pork compared to the countries of Southwestern Asia primarily because
a) muslems have a taboo against pork consuption
b) China has more people than the countries of Southwest Asia
c) rice is the main cereal grain grown in china
d) china’s physical environment is less suitable to raising pigs
e) all of the above
the Yuan and Shan peoples in northern thailand sleep with their head toward the eat
a) as a sign of obeying a custom hierarchy
b) to avoid drafts from monsoon winds
c) so that the head is opposite the neighbor’s head
d) because the head is considered high and noble
e) to avoid the direction of death and evil spirits
which of the following is not an important factor in distinguishing differnet folk housing types in the U.S.
a) form in which the structure is arranged
b) origins of regional migrations
c) climate in which the structure is built
d) size of the building
e) choice of building materials
which of the following is an important source area for U.S. folk house types
a) southern atlantic
b) upper new york
c) northeast
d) lower chesapeake
e) southwest
today, house types in the united states are distinguished by all but which of the following
a) they are usually moss produced
b) alternative styles have diffused throughout the country
c) they display few regional distinctions
d) they demonstrate how popular customs vary more in time than in place
e) thay can still be divided into three distinct regions
examining elements of folk and popular culture like house styles is particularly well suited to the geographic method of
a) field work
b) census
c) GIS
d) statistics
Americans’ preferences for beferages and snacks
a) vary from one region of the country to another
b) are primarily dependant on high income and national advertising
c) vary according to what is produced locally
d) very according to religious natural fibers
the diffusion of jeans is a good example primarily of the
a) impact of high income clothing habits
b) adoption of unique folk culture
c) diffusion of popular culture
d) opposition to globalization
e) synthetic textiles replacing natural fibers
the most important house style in the U.S. since the 1960’s is known as
a) neo-eclectic
b) minimal traditional
c) split-level
d) saltbox
e) contemporary
the distribution of alcohol consumption in the UNited STates displayes which of these typical characteristics of popular culture
a) close relationships to level of income
b) rapid diffusion
c) little regard for feautures of the physical environment
d) all of the above
e) uniform distribution accross the landscape
which element of the local physical environment is important for wine production?
a) soil
b) topography
c) proximity to lakes or a river
d) climate
e) all of the above
which of the following is not a distinctive characteristic of the physical environment related to wine
a) each type of wine reflects the presence of distinctive trace elements in the soil
b) vineyards must be planted on flat land
c) the quality of the wine depends on the weather in a particular year
d) grape vines grow best in coarse, well drained, soil
e) the need for moderate, wet winters and long, hot summers
diffusion of internet service is following the earlier pattern of television, except
a) diffusion is much faster
b) initial use was in less developed countries
c) diffusion is much slower
d) the UNited States share of world use is expanding
e) expansion of service is faster in Africa than Asia
the choice in clothing in western countries is strongly influenced by
a) knowledge of fashion
b) level of income
c) occupation
d) all of the above
e) B and C
little wine is produced in Asia primarily because
a) soil contaminants produce bad grapes
b) wines can be imprted more cheaply
c) grapes do not grow in these regions
d) religious taboos discourage consumption
e) the people do not have a tradition of wine making
Which if the following characteristics is more typical of popular culture than a folk culture?
A) it diffuses slowly from its point of origin
B) it has an anonymous origin
C) it results in a more uniform landscape
D) communication is more limited
E) it is likely to be derived from physical conditions
The global diffusion if popular culture may threaten folk culture by
A) the integration if popular culture into local customs
B) being less responsive to the diversity of local environments
C) serving as a catalyst for the advancement of folk culture
D) threaten in local environments through the diffusion if information by technology
One significant impact of popular culture is to
A) modify the physical environment
B) create a more varied and less uniform landscape
C) promote the diffusion if folk culture
D) spread through relocation diffusion
E) all of the above
Marriage dowries in India reflect
A) a popular fad
B) the value of women as mothers and wives
C) a traditional folk custom
D) that some families value make children more
Diffusion if popular customs can adversely impact environmental quality in two ways
A) using renewable materials an d recycled designs
B) reducing the demand for foreign products and promoting local crafts
C) depletion of scarce resources and pollution
D) diversity if products and slow change
E) increased diversity and decreased demand
Western dominance of the News media is feared in less developed countries for all but which of these reasons
A) western news organizations have the money to hire correspondents around the world
B) western radio newscasts can be heard in most countries
C) western values permeate the media
D) western countries control most of the newspapers in less developed countries
E) western countries supply a large percentage of the television news videos
People maintain their folk culture despite familiarity with popular culture primarily because of
A) the high cost of popular customs
B) lack of exposure to media
C) concern for the physical environment
D) fear of foreign influence
E) strong desire to preserve unique customs
Popular culture and folk culture can both result in a higher level of
A) environmental degradation
B) consumption of animal products
c) demand for raw materials
D) extinction of animal species
E) all of the above