chapter 5

_____ regroups related pieces of files together on the hard drive, thereby improving operating system efficiency.
disk defragmenter
to remove unnecessary files from your hard drive, you would use the ____ windows utility
disk cleanup
which windows utility program removes redundancies from files in order to reduce file size?
file compression
which windows utility program is used to exit out of a program that has stopped responding?
task manager
where does windows 10 report problems it may find with corrupt files or a problem with your hard drive?
action center
the windows utility program you can use to make your computer run more efficiently is ____
disk defragmenter
the system restore utility can ____
be used to return the system to a date when everything worked properly
all of the following types of files can be removed by the Disk Cleanup utility EXCEPT
files that have not been backed up
winzip and stuffit
file compression programs
task manager
allows you to exit out of nonresponsive prorgrams
an accessibility feature
ease of access
centralized location for assistive technology
task scheduler
allows you to run utilities automatically at predetermined times
disk defragmenter
puts parts of files into sequential order
utility programs
included in system software to perform special functions
disk cleanup
removes unnecessary files from the hard drive
checks for lost files and fragments and physical errors on hard drive
system restore
used to roll system settings back to a specific date when everything was working properly
If your windows 10 computer has trouble when booting, ____ attempts to diagnose and fix the system files.
reset your PC
When booting a windows 10 computer, the first step is ____.
activating the BIOS
the BIOS is stored ____
in the CPU*
in cache memory*
BIOS stands for
basic input/output system
When the POST is complete, the operating system is loaded into
The power-on self-test does all of the following except
load the operating system
___ is a type of memory that uses almost no power and is never erased.
Assuming that all steps are successfully completed, which of the following sequences shows the correct order for the boot process?
CPU activates BIOS- POST runs-BIOS loads OS-registry is checked – desktop appears
program that manages the data exchange between the OS and input and output devices
confirms the status of peripheral devices
manages the processor and system components
boot process
occurs when the computer is started
verification of login name and password
The windows 10 start menu contains which provide access to applications
in which view are files and folders displayed in list form, with the additional file information displayed in columns alongside the file names?
the ____ is the primary working area in Windows 10.
Files deleted from your Windows computer’s hard drive are stored in the ______ until they are permanently deleted.
recycle bin
When using Windows 10, ____ enables you to manage your files and folders by showing the location and contents of every drive, folder, and file on your computer.
file explorer
When using file explorer, the left-hand pane that shows the contents of the computer is called the ____ pane.
The main internal hard drive on a windows computer is usually identified as the ____ drive.
Which of the following is NOT true about the Details in view?
is displays files and folders as small icons and file names
when you are sorting files and folders in File explorer, use ___ view to get the most interactive view available.
Which of these file explorer views would be best if you are looking for a specific picture?
large icons
Which of the following statements about the recycle bin is TRUE?
files deleted from the hard drive are sent to the recycle bin
In c:cis400proj3.docx, the docx is a(n) _____
square icons that appear on the Windows 10 Start Menu
hierarchial structure that includes files, folders, and drives
a collection of tiles on the start menu
start menu
first interaction with the OS and the first image seen on the display
file explorer
programs used to manage files and folders
Which of the following statements about a microsoft account is false?
a microsoft account requires a nominal annual fee
installed apps appear on the start menu as
some apps are known as ____ tiles because they display up-to-date information inside the tile
if you find you use a certain application frequently, you can ____ it to the start menu, rather than searching for it every time in all apps
which of the following statements about tiles is false?
tiles must be left where windows places them
to add a tile to a group, ____ it and drag it into that group
ctrl + click*
which option places a tile on the start menu?
to create a new tile group, ____
right-click tile, and select new group from the menu*
double click tile, and select new group from the menu*
live tile
displays up-to-date information inside the tile
where user settings are stored
microsoft account
displays the same start menu on any windows device
first seen when logging onto windows
start menu
where you access installed applications in windows 10
which key do you hold down to select a group of contiguous files?
which key do you hold down to select a group of random (non-contiguous) files?
which of the following is NOT an advantage of organizing files?
it allows for file sharing between users*
it separates users’ data when using a shared computer*
how do you create a new folder in file explorer?
double click an empty space*
click new folder on the create tab*
which of the following is the term for compressing a file
which of the following statements is FALSE?
zipped files must be password protected
which of the following file types tends to compress well?
what file type has already been compressed?
The compression ___ indicates the reduction in size from the original size to the packed size
for which of the following reasons would you zip files?
to email them as an attachment
How can you identify zipped content in file exploerer
by the folder icon
how do you add files to an existing zipped folder using windows 8?
you drag and drop them into the archive file
what must you do first when you are zipping files?
select the files
send to
option to create a compressed folder
reduce the size of one or more files
compression ratio
measure of reduction in file size
make the size of a file smaller
restore a file to its original size
which of the following is NOT true about the anatomy of a hard drive?
the read/write heads touch the platter only when it is spinning
formatting divides a disk into
sectors and tracks
Which of the following statements about disk fragmentation is false?
it is a problem caused by the disk hardware
which of the following is not part of the hard disk anatomy
hard disk impeller
in which format is information stored on a hard drive?
read/write heads are moved by the ___
rotational latency is the
delay in locating the correct sector on a platter
the time is takes to select the correct platter and move the read/write head to the right track and sector is called the ____ time
a “ring” around a disk
a “wedge” on a disk
have a magnetically-sensitive coating
pieces of a file are spread out on a disk
how data are stored on a disk
which of the following is NOT an administrative tool?
file explorer
which of the following statements about temporary internet files is false?
they are created by an unexpected crash of a program
which of the following statements about the recycle bin is true
it is a temporary holding area for files that you think you no longer need
which of the following statements about disk cleanup is false
by default, it runs daily
which action does NOT result in unwanted files on your computer?
running error-checking
what happens when you delete a file from your hard drive?
it is moved to the recycle bin
what is the first step disk cleanup does when it starts
scans the selected disk for files that can be deleted
the schedule in the sound byte suggests running the system tools in the order
disk cleanup, error-checking, and disk defragmenter
which system tool should be run on a weekly basis?
disk cleanup
file with data in scattered blocks or clusters
file that is undeleted
temporary internet file
file created by surfing websites
temporary windows file
file created from unexpected program crashes
file that is ignored by disk defragmenter
which is NOT an example of a mobile operating system?
you are most likely to find an RTOS
in a robotic camera
The blocks of code that application software needs to interact with the CPU is called:
application program instruction*
automatic programming interface*
operating systems that have windows and icons have what type of user interface?
graphical user
the OS can optimize RAM storage by using
virtual memory
what is used to reduce the file size of a file or folder
the process of adding a windows 10 app to the start menu
the windows app used for locating files and folders
file explorer
which of the following is not a common file name
which utility is used to exit out of a nonresponsive program?
system refresh*
which of the following would you not see on a windows 10 start menu
task view
when an OS processes taks in a priority order, it is known as
multitasking handling*
interruptive multitasking*
an example of an open source OS is
which of the following is not considered an accessibility utility?
system restore
special programs that facilitate communication between a device and the OS are called
device drivers
a new feature in windows 10 that is used to organize open windows into task-specific groups is called
virtual desktops
different versions of Linux are known as distors
the power-on self-test (POST) ensures all peripheral devices are attached an operational
system restore points can only be created by windows automaticaclly on a regular schedule
files deleted from a flash drive are sent to the recycle bin and could be recovered, if necessary